August 21, 2008


I'm totally kidding!!!! That title sounds terrible! Though, we are two weeks into the new school year & there is 34 more weeks of teaching till its end!!! It has been an interesting start of the school year for me(Ted). I so love what I do, but I often struggle with change. Maybe it's my mild case of OCD(not diagnosed..but pretty obvious to those who know me...ha ha). This school year has held many changes. We have lost teachers that I greatly respected(not death..retired, moved to other jobs, or other positions)...gained new teachers to take their place...added new programs...and attempting to grasp new policies/procedures(some of which make no sense). Change like that stresses me out at times. Some of the changes affect me daily. I've really had to "practice" resting in the Lord. I breathe prayers through out the day...seeking the peace of the Lord. I talk to Him about moments of rest in Him(He knows that's all I got right now). It has been good. I still don't like all the changes. I don't like the stresses some of it has brought to me(though..honestly..the stress comes from me trying to control what I have no power to do!).

All that said...I love my kids, my classes have been going great, and my room makes me smile every morning I walk in. I've laughed a lot. I've been amazed at some of the work I've seen. I've been frustrated by some of the work I've seen. And daily I'm reminded of why God has me teaching art in the public schools!