September 20, 2011

Hangin' With Her Bro!

Eli puts up with Margaret for the most part. He lets us know when he's had enough of his sister's "love". Margaret however...when she's had enough...pushes Eli off of her! Thank goodness we are always setting beside the two of them!! ha ha Don't they look so sweet together!!! I pray they will always be there for one another...and that Margaret will look out for her little brother until he is no longer the "little" brother(which could be any day now for our chubba wabba!!!)...and that he'll look out for her!

Our Funny Girl

We are not a family that plops our child in front of the TV as a baby sitter. We let her watch PBS in the morning, but other than that...we try to not have her setting in front of the TV. However, as a family we watch Wipe Out. MARGARET LOVES IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As I have said on Facebook, our little girl has a wicked sense of humor!!

I think someone just tried to run across the Big Balls, and didn't make it!

She loves a good fall!!!!

I just wanted to put this random picture up to say....SHE GETS THIS FROM SHANA'S SIDE!!!!

The Edingers have never been able to get their foot up that far off the ground!!! :) Ha Ha Ha

September 14, 2011

Smiley Boy!

Eli has such a sweet smile! Though at times...he looks like Joey from Friends, "How you doin'?" We might need to watch that as he gets older!!! ha ha

September 9, 2011


Daddy & Aunt Janet put it together!

Mommy makes it pretty!

Picture Perfect!

Margaret seems extremely excited about her big girl bed!!!
(She thought it was cool at this point!)

So sweet! If mommy only knew what was to come...she might not be smiling!!! ha ha

So it was time to get Margaret into a big girl bed. She's 2 1/2 and pretty long...the crib was just looking tight as of late. Not that Margaret seemed to mind. She had never tried to get out of her crib...instead just screaming at the top of her lungs till someone came and got her out. Still though, we thought it was time. We repainted an old bed of Shana's so it would be a nice bright white like the other furnature in her room. Shana had been looking(hunting) for bedding for awhile, and found some great stuff at a great price that works really well in Margaret's room. Then we bought a new mattress(which was placed upside the bed was extra hard for a couple nights! ha ha). Then Aunt Janet came over and helped me(daddy) put it together. The last time I put it together myself in our old house....I think I deleted all those pictures!! ha ha Much easier with a friend(Aunt Janet helps us put lots of stuff together!!). Now..all we needed was a little girl to jump in & drift off to sleep. Still looking for that little girl. The first night there was a thunder storm. Margaret is not a fan of loud noises. So I ended up sleeping on the floor beside her bed holding her hand. The next night we began the "Super Nanny" way of training a child to stay in their bed. Pretty do your normal "thang", but when the child gets out of the lovingly put them back reminding them it is bed time & that they must stay in bed.....THE FIRST TIME! The next million times they get out of pick them up and put them back without saying a word. That went on for about an hour and a half the first night. The next night it was an hour(would have been less, but at one point Margaret walked into the bed post and fell I needed to hold her for a bit and calm her down). The third night it took around a half hour, but she was staying longer stretches before getting out of bed to find me. Hopefully she will continue to get use to her bed...and it will soon be a place she loves to be.

September 7, 2011

2 Months Old!!!

Our sweet boy is 2 months old & growing like a weed!

At his check up he weighed in at 13 lbs & measured 23 inches long! When he

was born he weighed 9.7 but dropped to 8.6(maybe less) that first week.

We also think he may already be teething!!! OH MY! NOT YET!!

We are getting more and more smiles...and he is very responsive to

voices he knows! Of coarse mamma is his fav....but I'm ok with that(for now! ha ha).

September 4, 2011

Play Time With Sister!

To say Margaret loves her little brother would be an understatement! Though sometimes a 2 yr old's love looks a lot like tackle football!! It is a joy to see her wanting to spend time with Eli(play time...cuddle time)...trying to take care of Eli(getting his paci..blanket..etc)....and talking about Eli! I hope & pray that they will remain close....and will always be there for one another! I know there will be rough spots along the way....but it seems there is an amazing foundation of love already set!

September 3, 2011

September 1, 2011

Our Little Foodie

Margaret loves to be in the midst of anything in the kitchen! Usually in hopes of finding something to eat! Into the pantry she goes & comes out with her apron and chef hat on! I still need to get a picture of that!