April 27, 2009

A Mayor's Art Show To Remember!

I was at the Mayor's Art Show( see my art blog http://artwithmre.blogspot.com ) Thursday night waiting for my students to arrive...when something strange happened. I saw my wife & baby girl. I thought they weren't coming(Margaret is still a little young for such a big event), but I was happy to see them!!!! Then I noticed someone else was with them....someone that didn't belong in this setting at all!!
IT WAS MY BEST FRIEND ,JEFFERSON, FROM UP NORTH!!!!! WHAT?? WHY WAS HE HERE?!?!?! WHERE WAS HIS WIFE AND THREE KIDS?!?!?! Come to find out, my wife had been planning this for months! My birthday is April 28th....and she flew Jefferson down from Pittsburgh, PA area to spend a long weekend with us. WHAT A SURPRISE!!!!!! THANK YOU JEFFERSON FOR COMING...THANKS LISA & KIDS FOR LETTING JEFFERSON COME...AND THANK YOU SHANA FOR BEING SO AMAZING & THOUGHTFUL!
This was Margaret's first art show...and she did WONDERFUL! MY WONDERFUL WIFE!!!

April 26, 2009

The Cat

Margie is in love with her lovey the cat...

so much so that the other day she kissed him.

But apparently he bit back!

April 24, 2009


My mom is a "Gymboree Gunkie." She tries to resist the temptation, but she just can't. The sale signs wave her toward great deals on cute colorful clothes. Thats ok though I don't mind...it just makes me that much more adorable!

April 21, 2009

Bath Time

Margie loves bath time! She likes the warm water pouring over her. She enjoys splashing with her feet. She also likes trying to eat the bubbles.

April 20, 2009

Margie's New Friend

This morning I laid Margie in her crib while I took a shower. To my surprise she was not scream her head off when I got done. Instead, I peak around the corner to see her playing with her cat. For the next twenty minutes, she proceeded to contently cue at him and try to pet him or knock him over. Either way she was happy and mommy was tickled that she made a new friend to entertain her!

When I went to retrieve Margie, she swated at me as if to say leave me and my cat alone we are playing!

April 12, 2009


Easter was an extra special day for us because we got to introduce Margie to the Lankford side of the family. Margie is named after my Grandma Lankford so it meant a lot to me to show her off to our family. My Grandma was a spunkie lady who was always full of life. She always like to be on the go. she always had to be doing something from working around the house, cooking, sewing, or taking care of her Violets and Iris. Grandma Lankford was funny too. She was always trying to slip a joke in on you. Her beautiful eyes would almost give it away though as they seemed to smile at you as she would try to hold her laughter back. Mrs. Margie, as she was often called, was overfollowing with southern hospitality. She wouldn't let anyone leave her house without offering them a piece of pie and a cold drink which really meant you weren't leaving until she had stuffed you silly. She was a great cook. Grandma made everything with lard and sugar which they say is bad for you but considering she lived to be almost 92 years old that obviously isn't the major problem. As a child, she taugh me how to cook from scratch. I remember her telling me you had to cook with your senses and add a little love to it. She was so right. We made dumplins, biscuits, and fried potates. What I wouldn't give for one more serving of candied sweet potatoes! I loved my grandmother dearly. She was an amazing lady. I hope our Margie turns out just like her.

My Great Grandmother died when Grandma Lankford was three years old. She left behind this rocking chair that my grandma used to rock her children, grandchildren, and several of her great grand children in. When she died, that chair was the one thing I really wanted. For me it reminds me of my grandma never ending love for her family and friends.

April 7, 2009

Some Bunny Is Just Too Cute!!!

Grandma Edinger just couldn't pass up this bunny outfit for Margaret, and I'm so glad she didn't! What you can't see is the cute little bunny tail on the backside! The hat is a little big, but maybe she can be a bunny for Halloween! ha ha Our little bunny is such a sweet treat this Easter!! She is a blessing from God, and a reminder of God's love for us!!!!! We pray that this Easter...you all will know & feel God's love for you!

April 6, 2009


Margie is very blessed to have three grandparents who adore her on Earth
and one looking down on her from above!
She thinks they make a good place to sleep.

She likes it when they cuddle up with her.

She likes that they are always there to love on her aka spoil her!

April 5, 2009


Tomorrow our little girl will be four weeks old! Time sure is flying by. Besides eating, sleeping, crying, and pooping(sometimes all at the same time!)...she loves to watch her toys! It's fun to watch her track with the toy, and actually move her head so she can make sure to keep an eye on it! Tonight she seemed to enjoy her time on her play mat(for awhile at least). Also, when I have her laying on my chest...sometimes she'll lift up her head to look at me when I'm talking to her. Sometimes though she's just looking to see if it's the mommy or not..and when she sees my fuzzy face..throws her head back down knowing that guy doesn't give milk!

April 1, 2009


So today must have been a tough day for baby girl!! How tired is she in this picture?! ha ha ha We went to the pediatric cardiologist today....and he said her heart looked "PERFECT"!! AMEN!!!! Thank you all for your prayers!!