October 4, 2011

My Little Bear

Eli looks so cute in his bear hoodie! There is something about bears..my first stuffed animal(that I remember) was a teddy bear my grandma got all her grandkids...the first book I memorized as a child was the Berenstain Bear's Spookie Old Tree...the first ornament I got Margaret was of a papa bear dancing with his baby bear. I guess part of the connection for me is that I was called Bear more than Ted growing up(and my mom still calls me Bear at times). Ted, Teddy, and Bear I answered to equally(and still do depending on the groups of people I am with). I feel blessed to have my own little bear....but I think He'll be Eli most of the time(though My Little ChubbaWabba is my fav. nickname for him at the moment! ha ha)

October 1, 2011

WOW...3 months and counting!

It's been three months since Eli arrived. He is growing like a weed weighing in around 15 pounds and almost popping out of his 6 month clothes. While he still likes to sleep more than the average baby, he is becoming more alert. In recent weeks, he has decided it is fun to sit on our knees and look around. He also enjoys playing with his Eric Carl Caterpiller and Mr. Moose. He is smiling a lot these days. Sometimes he even laughs especially if you stick out your tongue at him. We have also discovered that he is quite ticklish. I am constantly amazed at how he puts up with Margie's touchiness and loudness toward him. He seems to really enjoy when she sings to him. Such precious moments. I hope that they grow up with a close bond. I am so grateful for the chance to stay home with these sweet babies. They bring such unbelievable joy to my heart!