September 22, 2009

House Stuff

So, our house has now been on the market for almost two months. In the beginning we had a lot of people coming to see the house, but for the past two weeks...NOTHING!!! We have an open house coming up this Sunday, and we've decided to go ahead and reduce the price to try to speed up the process. Though our side of the neighborhood has been selling more so than the other side...until someone buys it..that means nothing!! We have a possible opportunity to get a home the neighborhood Shana grew up in Lebanon, TN. This was not in our original plans, but as we have been thinking & praying about it...this may be a good choice for our family & it's future(mainly...schools for Margaret and any future Baby E). Plus we would just be a few blocks from her brother's house & her parent's house. It is removed from anything I know...because I've always lived in the Hermitage/Old Hickory area since coming to TN. However, I can pretty much adapt to anything if given enough time to prepare mentally!! ha ha The hardest part will be the drive to work, but when I compair it to where I grew up....half hour to any hour & a half to any really isn't too bad. Please be praying......we need to sell our house & the other house is not a done deal. Hopefully though...this move will be the last before heading to the nursing home!! ha ha ha

September 12, 2009

Duck, Duck, Good Times!

Margie has grown so much the last few weeks in what she can do. She can sit up pretty well. She interacts a lot more. And she is becoming more and more mobile every day. With all of these changes going on we decided that it was time for Margie to move to the big girl tub. And by big girl tub I mean a giant duck. She had so much fun in her new baby tub! There were many many smiles, giggles, and splashes. We loved watching her excitement!

Words Don't Always Explain Your Family

Before having my own baby, I kept the Krodels. For the last ten almost eleven years I have been part of their family enjoying all the ups and downs of life. Now with my own little one it is very important to me to make them a part of Margie's life the way they made me a part of theirs. We keep trying to come up with the words to describe our relationships but I don't think those words really exist. Eliza today kept saying cousins in quotation marks. She is so funny like that. All I can say is I love them as if they were my own. They love us the same way. We really enjoyed spending the day with them.

September 9, 2009


Our sweet little Margaret is 6 months old! Amazing that half a year has gone by since I first laid eyes on my baby girl!!!! How she has grown & we have grown & changed!! She is a blessing to us & we thank the Lord each day for this joy He has brought into our life!!

September 7, 2009

Ear Infection...NOT GOOD...Meds to fix..YUMMY!!!!

Margaret has had her first ear infection this week. She loves her medication. It is like a sweet treat....she gets so excited when she sees it...she starts going yumm...yumm..mmm..mmm!!!!

All Better Now!