August 16, 2009

...More Adventures In Eating...

This is how we know we're done!!!!!! ha ha ha Actually, this is not a usual thing....but even sweet Margie has her moments!

This is how we know we are feeding her something she likes!!! Actually..I think she's chewing on the plastic still tryin' to work that first tooth through....any day now!!!

August 15, 2009

The Edingers

This is a family picture of the Edingers back in 1970. I believe it was after my grandma's funeral(this was 4 yrs before I was born!). There were 9 children, but a sister had passed away as a child. My dad was the baby of the family, and is the one in the bottom right hand corner in the black shirt. I remember looking at this picture as a child, and am very thankful my Aunt Barb sent it to me online(she's the one on the top right). There are only 4 of them left now. I miss my dad very much, and hope to get some more pictures of him to put online. The other day my mom was looking at a picture of Margaret and I...and remarked how much I look like him when he was my age.

August 9, 2009

..Arting it up with Margaret..

Margaret wasn't makin' art, but was hanging out with me as I was working on some ideas for my fall studio class for grad school. I was amazed at how closely she was watching the brush & colors as I was painting.
Had to take a moment to love on my babygirl!!! She's so sweet & such a blessing in our life!

Margaret & the Greenbeans

Tonight Margaret tried greenbeans for the first time! She loved applesauce & sweet potatoes...and we had high hopes for greenbeans!
However, she did not enjoy greenbeans at first...and the faces she made each time she took a spoonful were hysterical! It was hard for me to get a picture because she kept putting her face into her bib so Shana couldn't put anymore in her mouth!!
Finally though.....the taste must have grown on her. least we now know she looks good in green!

August 8, 2009

Tummy Time and Random Thoughts of Being a Dad

Today Margaret and I were hanging out doing some tummy time. It's going to be a real adventure once she starts crawling. Though we wonder if she's actually going to crawl. We're expecting her to just jump up and start running. She has amazingly strong legs, and loves to "stand up" and look around. She's become very steady. Amazing how fast she is growing, but I'm really enjoying seeing the process!!! I love when she starts doing "new" things. I love that she's stickin' her tongue out at us now after months of us doing that to her! I love the little sounds(and some not so little) that come out of her...anything better than a squeal of delight from your baby?!?? I love that her hair is coming in and getting longer....and it's fuzzy like a baby chick. I just love my baby!!

August 4, 2009


This is why we've not been blogging much as of late. We've been working on getting our house ready to put on the market. As of yesterday it went on the market...we have two showings tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We really need to find a new house...NOW!!