November 28, 2009

...our smart girl...

Margaret hasn't had the big physical milestones that some of our friend's babies have had: her crawling still needs work & still no teeth after months of teething. However, see seems to be a smart cookie!! She's been saying hi, bye bye, mamma, and dada for a few months, but now she is connecting them. Shana walked into the room the other day and Margaret looked up and said, "Hi Mamma". I was changing her diaper the other morning after just waking her up and she looked at me and said, "Hi dada". She says bye to her pacie when she drops it, bye to her food when dinner is over, and hi to the milk in the morning. Last night she said ball when grandma was playing with her & a ball. I'm amazed every time she speaks! I know parents say "Just'll wish she couldn't talk soon enough!!"....but for now...I'm loving my chatty baby...she makes me smile!!

November 24, 2009


For those of you asking for an update...sorry...but we have been busy as of late! All the necessary things that needed to happen have happened! We will be closing on our house Nov. 30th....the Monday after Thanksgiving. This is a major weight off our shoulders. However, we never found "our" dream house. We had an idea of what we wanted: ranch, single story, all brick, 1800 sq feet or more, 3 bedroom, 2 bath, and in the 150's. We just couldn't find it though. Instead, we'll be moving into Shana's parents' house......while our new home is being built. Our new house will not be a single story, will not be all brick, does not have 3 bedrooms, does not have 2 bath. It IS going to be a brick/stone front(3 sides siding), 2 story, 2 car garage, 4 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath, almost 2400 sq ft, study(which will be my art studio), formal dining room, and a master closet that is bigger than our bedroom in our current house!!!!! Oh...and it is still in the 150's!!! God's dream house seems a bit more dreamy then ours after all!!! ha ha Crazy, eh!?!?!!? Now we'll be at Hotel Lankford until May....but it will be worth the wait. Shana is very excited because one of her life long bff's, Emily, lives in the same neighborhood!!!
Anyways..that is the update! Pray for us as we pack & prepare to move!!! Thanks!!

November 17, 2009

...while we've not been blogging...

Life is just busy/crazy right now. Our house is suppose to close on Nov. 30th (we're waiting for one more thing to come back before we can rest easy). We were going to move in with Shana's parents & build a house. Yesterday we found a house for auction that we really like (went and saw it last night...great place..except for the shag carpet!). So tomorrow I'm going to bid on this house..and hopefully..prayerfully get it!! If not...we will move in with Shana's parents and start the building process. It has been a struggle. Most of this is totally not in our control....and that's hard...cause I'm a control freak(Ted). Resting in God having the best for us is not my strong suit. I'm a total Martha!!!
Anyways...PRAY! We need it!!! :)

November 9, 2009

Eight Months Old Already!

The last eight months have flown by! I think back to those first few weeks of just staring at this beautiful baby girl who slept all the time. Now, she is bigger (15.2 pounds) and longer (27 inches) and sooooo much more active. Margie is very curious...she always wants to see what is going on, what does it feel like, what does sound does this make, what does it taste like is our favorite form of exploration. Little Miss Chatterbox has learned to say "mama," "hi," and "bye." But she is trying awfully hard to get other words out. No surprise that she is talking so early. While she doesn't seem to be any where near crawling, she can get where she wants to go. Margie stretches, turns, and rolls wherever she wants to go. We are also sleeping through the night much more successfully than before. Margie still doesn't like sleeping by herself but she is doing it. Around 5 am she wakes up fussing until I come get her but that's OK with me. I get to sleep the majority of the night without sharing my space but still get those sweet early morning cuddles. While some people would think that's a little crazy, a wise woman once told me that my baby wouldn't be a baby forever so I better enjoy every moment....and I am!

Oh and did I mention how much she LOVES leaves!

November 6, 2009


We thought Margaret didn't like her socks. We just didn't realize how
she liked her socks!! IN HER MOUTH!!!! She doesn't want to share.