March 31, 2009


In the past week, Margaret has begun to notice things. Shana says that she first noticed a toy turtle hanging from her car seat. YES...I AM SO PROUD IT WAS A TURTLE THAT FIRST CAUGHT HER EYE!!!! ha ha At home though, we have a few different toys that we try to grab her attention with, but this blue bunny thingie seems to be the most interesting to her. She's actually seemed to grab for it(though with the crazy flailing arms..who's to say?!?!). The trick is capturing a picture of her while she's doing this....NOT EASY! Baby crazy legs & arms waits for no camera!!!! HA!

March 30, 2009


So our beautiful baby girl is now 3 weeks old! Tonight we tried the baby bathtub again. It went much better this time around. She actually seemed to enjoyed it....kind of! ha ha We enjoyed it...who knew bathtime could make mommy & daddy laugh so much!!!! We're truly blessed by our bundle of joy. Thank you all for your love, thoughts, and prayers for our family!!

March 27, 2009

...going back to the doctors...

Wed. we will be going to Baptist Hospital to the pediatric cardiologist. At Margaret's two week check up, the doctor found a heart murmur. She's not too concerned, but never wants to leave something like that unchecked. Hopefully, it is the average heart murmur that I've found out many babies have.....that she'll grow out of in time. We're trusting the Lord that all will be ok with our sweet baby girl.

March 24, 2009

...The Afterbath...

So, Margaret looks really happy right here, but that was the after bath! During the billygoat(which I call her because of the sound she makes when REALLY upset) was goin' crazy. She was not enjoying the experience...even though she has the coolest baby bathtub ever!!! After a bit of baby wrestling...we had a sweet smelling cutie that was picture perfect. However, we've come to realize a squeeky clean baby doesn't last long!!!

March 19, 2009

Kiss Me I'm Irish....well...German Irish!

I couldn't pass up sharing this photo of Margaret! Shana got her this fun little shirt for St. Patrick's Day. should say...Kiss Me I'm Sleepy!

March 17, 2009

The Edinger Women Come to Visit!

Picture 1...My mom was at the hospital the day Margaret was born & was able to come for a little bit the next day. She lives just an hour north in Bowling Green, KY. I can imagine that she'll be making a lot more trips to Nashville to spend time with her first grandbaby!! She came down yesterday on her day off from work...and honestly...I don't think she wanted to leave!!! She's totally in love with Margaret!!
Picture 2...My sister(Laurie) lives in Lexington, KY and had a special class that she had to attend last week when Margaret was born & then had to work the rest of the week. It killed her to not be here!! So she had made plans to come down Monday & Tues of this week to spend time with Margaret & us. She's so very excited to be an's cute!!!
However, I didn't know about THE PLAN!
Laurie walks into our mom is holding onto the baby, and I'm working on a scrapbook for my sister(suppose to be a surprise). She says..."Ted, I need you to come out and help me with two presents I brought for you guys." I went out to her car to find my Aunt Mary & Aunt Barb in her car(they were both wearing bows). I was SOOOOO surprised! They are two of my dad's sisters who live in Ohio! Aunt Mary is the eldest of 9 Edinger kids(80 yrs old). Aunt Barb was the second youngest(my dad was the baby). Aunt Barb surprised me by coming to our wedding 2 yrs ago too...and it was very special to me. Having her near makes me feel like my dad is still here...they were so much a like(story tellers & a lot of fun).
Picture 3...Aunt Mary has had a lot of health issues the past few years. being 80 yrs old...I was really amazing she made the long trip! She was so happy to see another generation of Edingers arrive(she's the family historian). She told me, "I want to put her in her pocket and take her home with me!" ha ha
Picture 4....Aunt Barb has always had a special place in my heart. It might be because I look so much like her(I know..kind of weird, but true!)...and act a bit like her & my dad(ok..a lot). She never had children of her own, but always claimed me as hers. I had a feeling she'd make her way down here at some point to see Margaret, but had no idea it would happen like this!!! WHAT A BLESSING!! Margaret really seemed to enjoy her too!!

March 15, 2009


So, Margaret is now getting enough to drink(ya think??). We were laughing so hard today after Shana got done feeding her. Baby girl completely passes out when she has a full belly. I'm not really so worried about Margaret's weight when we go back to the doctor Tuesday. I actually think she looks like she's a little "fuller" today than a couple days ago!!! Now if I can just teach her that mommy & daddy are not equipped the same way. We've had some awkward moments the past couple mornings...ha ha!!!!

March 14, 2009

..5 days on the outside..

So back to the doctor we went this morning for yet another foot prick. Honestly..she seems to be doing better with it, but it is still heartbreaking for me!! We've not heard back yet from the doctors...hopefully in the next hour or so. Good news was that she had not lost any more weight! Which is a good thing...because the girl can eat!! We also think her other systems are starting to move a bit more...which will prayerfully move the jaundice on out!!!! She and I spent a nice afternoon together while mommy napped! She slept most of the time, but it was still fun to have her near me...and just watch her!

March 13, 2009

...prayers for baby girl...

Hey everyone! We are loving having Margaret in our lives as an outty baby!! She's beautiful, funny, and teaching us daily how much God must love us!!!! We do have a prayer request. She's having new born so many babies. They told us when we came home that she was a bit jaundice. We went yesterday to get tested again(one of the most heart breaking things...they had to prick her foot to get the blood..and she screamed more than when she first popped out!!). The results were that her level was a 13...not terrible, but something to keep an eye on. Also..she had lost 10% of her weight since birth(normal for most babies)...but she really needed to not lose much more. They had us come back today...and once again took her blood from her foot. Not as bad as yesterday...she's getting tough!!!(but still broke dad's heart!!). This time it was a little over 15...which is getting closer to where they will take action to treat it(not a terrible tanning bed kind of thing). However, she dropped a little more weight. So now she is 1 lbs less then when she was born(which honestly is still bigger than a lot of babies!!). So, we are adding an oz of formula to her feeding in addition to what Shana is providing. We really need her to eat well...and POOP!! YES..I'M ASKING YOU PRAY SHE POOPS!!! :) This will also help to get rid of the stuff that is causing the jaundice. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

( other news..she did better night #2 at home than night #1...prayerfully this trend will continue...for mommy's & daddy's sake!!!! AND...we think she likes the car seat!! ha ha)

March 11, 2009

ha ha ha...Lilypie Counter..

The Lilypie Counter to the side is so wrong!!! Not only is Margaret already here...the original due date was March 19th! Silly counter!!!! We'll try to put a new one up soon to count the days of our little lovely's life!!!

March 9, 2009

Margaret Danielle Edinger

6:12 PM March 9, 2009....Margaret Danielle Edinger was born in Hermitage, TN. God blessed us in such an amazing way!! She came quickly & healthy! 8lbs 7oz & 20 1/2 inches long! She has her mommy's nose, daddy's lips, and a nice amount of dark hair & eye lashes. She has been a sweet sweet girl so well as extremely curious(always looking around!). We're so excited to have her in our lives.

...update #3 from the hospital...

Taking a rest...listening to some praise & worship music...peaceful....Margaret's heart beat in the background. What a sweet sound! Shana is at 8 cm...and all is well...shouldn't be long now.

update #2 from the hospital

Shana finally got her epidural!!! It was a bit rough for awhile, but she's a lot calmer now. Margaret's heart beat sounds beautiful...and is strong/healthy!!! Shana is munchin' on ice & watching soaps....just waiting for the doctor to come back and check her progress!!! :)

...from the hospital...

Hey everyone! We're at the hospital listening to Margaret's heart beat! Shana's water was broke...and is on the meds to kick this into high gear!! Seems that contractions are starting. All is well....keep praying!!

March 8, 2009

The Final Hours

We are down to the last few hours before we hopefully see our baby girl face to face. We have anticipated this moment for so long. While we are nervous to be walking into an unknown experience, we are so excited that her birth day has finally arrived. As the big day approaches so much runs through your mind...What will she look like or who will she look like? What kind of personality will she have? Will she sleep well? Will she cry a lot? What if she gets sick? But the question I ask myself the most is how will she see Jesus? Somehow pregnancy makes you acutely aware that your not perfect, that you do screw up (quite often), and you have a long way to go to be the person God created you to be. Unknowingly our Sunday school lesson was written just for me...or at least that is how God made it feel. We talked about preparing yourself by seeking God's direction through prayer, acting on his directions, and living in obedience with His will. If I had to describe what God has been teaching me in the last year, that would be it in a nut shell. The last two weeks those lessons have really come to full circle. In the last year, I have spent countless hours praying for two different situations. In both situations, God asked me to submit my words and actions to Him. Any one who has known me very long knows that I often forget to "think before I speak" so let me tell you this has not been a easy lesson. But never the less it was high time I took a big girl pill and learned that it is not all about me. I was obedient i both situations with very different outcomes. Through this process I have come to the realization that despite my obedience God is not going to grant my every wish...but I don't really care! Yep that's right. I have spent the better part of my life wanting to be in control which really has gotten me no where. However, when I step back and expect God to work in ways I could never imagine He does and it is always so much better than I could ever dreamed. In the end, I find myself at a place in life I have always wanted to be but didn't know how to get to...a place where I wake up every day thirsty to give all of my life over to words, my that I can live in complete obedience to Him. As I reflected on these things on the way home today, I thought what an amazing God we worship. He started this lesson several years ago. There is no doubt in my mind that this lesson was a provision for what tomorrow brings. God has brought me to a place where I truly trust Him to guide each step I take. As we take a big step into parenthood tomorrow I would not want to be any other place than in God's arms. There are a hundred and one things that run through your mind before you become a parent which I am sure will become a thousand and one after...but knowing that whatever happens God already has it covered takes a load of worry off my mind. I can sit back ad enjoy each moment as it comes. As a parent, I am still not going to be perfect. I am still going to screw up. I am still going to be a work in progress. Hopefully what are daughter will see when she looks at us are two people who love God and try our best every day to live in obedience to Him out of Love because it is such a sweeter place to be then tangled in our own mess.

March 6, 2009


My poor wife!! She woke up this morning saying " A watched pot never boils...and this baby is never going to come!!" Yesterday(Thurs), we had some "signs" that made us think she might be coming before Monday...when Shana is scheduled to be enduced. BUT...this morning...nothin'! I think it might be my fault. I believe Margaret is a daddy's girl already. This has been an extremely "full" week for me. I had the Tulip Grove Annual Art Show for my students on Monday, said good bye to my student teacher on Wed., Thursday I had to give a presentation on Freud for grad school(and totally rocked it!!!), and tonight is the Nashville Metro Art Teacher Art Show where I will be receiving an award. This past weekend I had a heart to heart with Margaret... talking into the microphone(Shana's belly button) I've done all pregnancy long...I asked her if she could please wait till at least after Friday night so daddy could get all this "stuff" done. we are...Friday morning...and little Miss. Margaret is still hangin' with mommy!

March 5, 2009


Take a moment & jump over to my art blog to see my student art show!! My kiddos are so amazing!!!

The Art Teacher Art Show

The annual(or almost annual) Metro Nashville Art Teacher Art Show is here once again. I've had issues with the show over the years. Many pieces have been rejected(sometimes all pieces rejected...that's one of the're suppose to get at least one in!!). However, that's part of being an artist, and you have to learn how to deal with the rejection. To my surprise though...this year, all three of my pieces were accepted, and one of them...Dismal Sunset(featured here)...won a judge's award. WOW!!! I am very thankful & excited to know that others see value in what I create. Sometimes you start to wonder why you do what you do when no one else seems to get it. I've stuck it out though, and am glad to see the reward of never giving up...and always pushing myself to be better. Now...we'll see if I actually get to go to the opening & receive my award. Margaret may want to have her own show that will demand daddy's attention!! ha ha

March 3, 2009

...a dad's perspective...

A week from now I'll be able to hold my baby girl. The thought of her makes my heart flutter & my eyes well up. I've enjoyed feeling her(and at times seeing her)move around as she grows in the safety of Shana's womb, and every chance we've been given to see her through modern technology has brought me so much happiness. I can not wait to see her face to face. Holding her close. Her little hand gripping my finger. Finding rest on her daddy's shoulder or in my arms...all nestled in.

I truly miss my dad. It is the only sadness I feel in the mist of the excitement of Margaret's coming. He will never see her...he will never hold her...he will never have the joy of being a grandpa. I am sad that I'll not be able to ask him questions about what it was like for him when my sister and I were born. I can imagine his face if he were still alive... to see my daughter...the joy and the pride..the amazing smile! He will not see her...but I know I'll see him in her! My dad was too large of a personality to not leave a mark on all generations after him(if you've seen've seen my father!!)

In all of this, I know that there is amazing parallel to our Heavenly Father!! The joy He must have as we grow. How excited He must get when we grab ahold of Him...or rest our head on Him finding our peace. Also, like my earthly father.....I pray that my daughter sees him in me....and HIM in me! I desire to be a reflection of the Lord to Margaret...and example of His love.

These are just the thoughts of a new dad......

March 2, 2009

Everything I Learned about Motherhood I Learned from Third Graders!

Friday was my last day of work in anticipation of Margie making her way into this world very soon. My wonderful teammates had the kids give me a few tips for being a good mama. They were too cute not to share...

The fatter they are the better they grow. ~ Joe

As a mom I think you should give your baby hugs and kisses before it goes to bed. If you don't it might think you don't like it. Another advice is you need to feed it and take it outside everyday. If you don't do any of that stuff than it will be mad! ~ Melissa

Have safety alarms around the house and live near the safety department. ~ Gabreil

When the baby cries she is hungry. ~ Alyssa

Don't let her sit too close to the TV. ~ Owen

My best advice would be to stay with your baby most of the day and just really really love it. ~ Nigel

Buy plenty of diapers. ~ Hannah

Feed her good food ~ Destinee

Give her a pacifier. ~ Yakira

Turn off the lights so she can sleep. ~ Michael
Save up money for Margie to go to college. ~ Heaven

Give Margie a good bath twice a day. ~ Donnie

When Margie grows up tell her no to talk back. ~ Haley

Teach her things. ~ DuJuantez

Teach her how to walk. ~ Krodel

Margie needs 1 nap a day (I think more) and take her for a walk 2 a day.

When you go shopping make sure you check the back of cans so she wont have a lot of sugar. ~ Dru

Rock her in the rocking. Not too hard or she might pit up. ~ Makayla

Love her like you would love your mama. ~ Kendricka

Make sure she gets plenty of calcium. ~ Shelby

Be a very good more and do your best! ~ Xyaire

Put some water in the milk so it wont be too strong. ~ Darian

Always keep an eye on her. ~ Alora

If the baby starts to cry and you get crazy, feed her, or give her to her dad. When babies are babies they like there dad pretty much. But don't worry. When she grows up she'll be all over you. Take it from an older sister of three. ~ Madyson

When she is 7 or 8 try to give her pink medicine so she can get better. ~ Jordan

Love her even when she grows up. ~ Edward

Brush her teeth. ~ Lynzie

You should bake her a great cake! And get her a plaid carrier. That would look nice. ~ Dalton

You can put them in time out if they do something bad. ~ Juaneisha

You should play with your baby. ~ Baileigh

Give her vitamins. ~ Alivia

You should sing to her when she is sick. ~ Mary

You should feed her apples, grapes, and strawberries. I think she likes them. ~ Gary
(That would be my usual morning snack)