May 13, 2013

SO SHANA'S KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't get me wrong, I like food(have you met me?!?!?)! Shana is a foodie though...and a lover of chocolate/sweets!  Our kids get their sweet tooth from her!  

April 24, 2013

Visit to Grandma Judy & Grandpa Charlie

Grandma Judy is my mom(Ted)...but Grandpa Charlie is not my dad.  My dad passed away back in 1999.  HOWEVER....Charlie is 100% grandpa to my kids!!!!!!!!!  He loves Margaret & Eli like his own!!!!!  We love him dearly, and are so thankful to have him in our lives...and our kids lives!!!!!!  

The kids are not really dog lovers.  Margaret was kind of warming up to him by the end of the visit, but Eli was keeping a safe distance after the doggy knocked him down trying to play.


Outside playing...grandparents lovin' every minute of it!!!

Margaret is snugglin' up to Grandma...soooo sleepy!

Eli will get me for this when he's older...good picture for the yearbook his senior year, eh?!!

Tired much fun with the grandparents!!

April 22, 2013

Chick-Fil-A Daddy/Daughter Date Night 2013

I love this picture of my beautiful girl!!  I edited it in

I appreciate Chick-Fil-A(even if it is not my fav chicken place)....they do so many wonderful community events!  This is our second annual Daddy/Daughter Date Night!! So much fun!

Here she is with her silly grin..such a funny girl!!!

We got to take a Cinderella carriage ride!! Extra fun getting to ride with one of the guys in my Sunday school class with his girls!!!   

Cinderella was so sweet...Margaret was star struck!  

Each table had these conversation daughter has no problem talking though!! ha ha

Quickly eating her chicken so she can get to the sundae bar!

One of everything please!! ha ha

Such her mother's daughter!!  All the worlds problems melt away with ice cream!!!

If you notice her eyes...she's looking at her ice cream sundae...which I asked her to stop eating so we could snap a picture.  

Finally...not afraid of the cows!!!!  If they have Father/Son night...we'll have to stay clear. Eli is not a fan!

February 27, 2013

Taking Advantage of the Crazy Weather

Nashville has crazy weather!  This winter has been extra crazy....60 one day...30 the next?!?!?!  This was one of those 60 degree days in Feb!  So while mommy was working at church....we went to the park!  

This was the first time I had Eli & Margaret at the big park by myself(Ted) since Eli became mobile! OH MY!!!  Little man is on the go!!! The swings were great for a few minutes...contained them both.  
Didn't last long.  

Margaret is so proud..she can climb the corkscrew thing all by herself now.  

So sweet...Margaret let Eli set in the driver's seat so he could play with the wheel.  Almost makes me forget all the fussing they do at times!! ha ha

Eli likes the big truck!!!

Eli kept playing peek-a-boo through the bars!  Love that he doesn't realize I can see through them. 

Super Slippery Slider Girl!!!

This was a melt your heart moment.  I wish I could have gotten a better picture.  I did not ask them to hold hands...they just did it all on their own.

SO MY CHILD!!!(Ted)  Margaret loves a stage just like her daddy!!!

Our time at the park was done...what a great day!

January 25, 2013

Daddy's Little Artists

Before Christmas break...Shana brought the kids in to daddy's classroom to paint some gifts for the grandparents.  Margaret loves to come to daddy's school like a big girl..and loves to paint!

She really gets into focused!!

When painting with small children...strip them down...hold on to them...and make sure YOU are covered!! ha ha  Eli did a good job, but isn't into it as much as sister!!!

January 24, 2013

Kids Crafts at Lowes

(this was from Dec.'s Kids Crafts day)

The kids LOVE craft days at Home Depot & Lowes!

Margaret does AMAZING with the hammer(and she can work a screw driver like no bodies business!!!)

Eli wants to be just like his big sister!!

He watches her closely.

Then he hammers away at his snack! What can ya say...he's 18 months! ha ha

January 23, 2013

More Pictures from Christmas..

We attended an annual gingerbread house party...and Margaret was REALLY into it!!

In every way possible!!!

Then you have