November 30, 2008

Update on Charlie

There has been some improvement. He drank a little water today, and they gave him a pill to see if he would be able to keep it down. They are talking about moving him to ICU stepdown. I believe Tues. is when the lab results will be back concerning his liver. THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH FOR PRAYING FOR HIM...HIS FAMILY...AND MY MOM! I appreciate it. God can do the amazing...and I'm not putting it past Him!

November 29, 2008


This week we have been reminded of the many things we have to be thankful the top of that list is our family and friends. On Wednesday morning, Ted's mom called to tell us that her boyfriend of two plus years was in the hospital because he had been throwing up blood. She said that the doctors found a tear in his throat and stomach causing him to lose a lot of blood. At that point, the doctors had fixed the tears and were just keeping him for observation. That night, Judy called back crying. During the day, Charlie had taken a turn for the worst and they were literally giving him minutes to live. Ted and I jumped in the car to head to KY. On the way, we called everyone we could think of to be praying for Charlie, Judy, and his family. When we arrived, Charlie was still holding on but the doctors weren't sure how long he had. By God's grace, Charlie pulled through the night. On Thursday, the doctors discovered that Charlie's liver was enlarged & covered in nodes. Since then the doctors have run multiple tests to determine what the real problem is. So far we have heard three different diagnosis from three different doctors. The nodes could be cancer, severe cirrhosis, or a type of hepatitis. What ever the problem, they all agree that the outlook is not good. We know that without your prayers he would probably already be dead. So on behalf of his family and ours we thank you for all of your prayers. We ask that you continue to pray for his family. Charlie's kids have been riding a roller coaster of emotions. There mother passed away 6 yrs ago of cancer. They are really struggling with accepting that this could be the end for their father. Just this past week Charlie spent time with each of them which we know was a complete blessing from God. But for his children's sake they really need some closer. Our prayer is that God will perform nothing short of a miracle. Of course, we would love for Charlie to be completely healed. But we realize that sometimes miracles look different. For us, we are praying that at the very least Charlie will wake up long enough to say good by to his children. We also ask that you pray for Judy. She lost her husband almost 10 years ago to cancer. Charlie has helped her find happiness again(and she ..him). They were planning on spending the rest of their lives together. They had no idea that time could be cut so short. Judy is so thankful for the time she has had with him but is sadden by the fact that he isn't going to be there for the future. The situation also brings up a lot of memories from losing the love of her life before. We can not thank you enough for all of your love and support. It has been a difficult week in many ways. But it has also been an amazing time of being reminded how truly Good God is in the ways that he blesses our lives through family, friends, and answered prayers.

November 23, 2008


Each year we make at least one trip up to Mammoth Cave National Park. It is one of my favorite places in the world. Before Shana & I got married, I'd go up for day trips several times a year to hike & spend special time with the Lord. A couple weeks ago we went up & met my mom(she now lives in Bowling Green, KY). Hiking is a bit different with a pregnant woman & a woman nearing 60, but it was a good time!! Here are a few pictures

Most of the leaves had fallen, but it made for an amazing site as we walked through the forest on reds, yellows, and oranges.
Mom & Shana taking a moment to smile for the camera & catch their breath.
Next Fall...Margaret will be with us...WOW!!! :)
Margaret's first trip to the forest...I think she liked it(mommy got a bit tired though).
Some of my friends say I am a ham....I don't know why they would say such a thing?

November 21, 2008


This is the snow storm we didn't see coming!! Who would think that in Nashville,TN before Thanksgiving we would have such a terrible snow!! It's just unthinkable?!?!?!?! Oh wait...that is the wrong picture...go down a little bit!!!CAN YOU BELIEVE ALL THE SNOW WE GOT?!?!?! I've not seen this much snow in Nov. since I moved to Nashville 12 yrs ago!!! I thought all my family and friends from up north would enjoy this little picture!! As I walked out to my car this morning around 6am....this is what I found! I knew I had to get a picture(because it would be gone in an hour!). Hope you all are keeping safe & warm as winter knocks on our door!!

November 19, 2008

Thankful for a Laugh!

I thought because of the past two posts containing a bit of life's stressers...that we needed to have a good laugh!
Ms. Moore is an amazing Kindergarten teacher at my school. Every year she has her students do Turkey Recipes(if you live in the Nashville,TN Channel 4 News...they read them every year on the air).
Here are a few of the recipes the kids came up with! ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AVA- Get a 5-ounce turkey. Use water to wash the crusty stuff off from the zoo. Put number one sauce on it to make it sweet. Cook the turkey for 6 minutes in the oven on 7%. Eat the turkey with corn, beans, and a little bit of pork chop, and some potatoes.
TERYN- Get a turkey as big as a brick. Put 1 ounces of salt and pepper on it. Put it in the oven for 10 minutes on 7 degrees. Put a tablecloth on the table. Put plates and cups out. Put chairs at the table. Buy a Hanna Montana cake and some cookies. Eat the dessert with the turkey.
JACKSON- Buy a one-gobble turkey. Kill the head. Put 5 chickens on it. Put another turkey with it. Pour 2 brown sauces on it. Put a Ninja Turtle on it. Put it on a plate. Cook the turkey in the oven for 5 minutes on too hot. Eat the turkey with chicken and different colors of lollipops. Also eat a Mickey Mouse Lollipop.
DEVIN- Get a turkey taller than me. Put a little soda juice on it. Put 6 pepperonis on the turkey. Put it in the grill for 6 minutes on 10 piles of hot. Drink milk and juice with the turkey and eat macaroni and rice. Eat some Cinnamon Toast Crunch with it.
TOMMY- Buy a turkey as big as the classroom. Put a ton of salt and pepper on it. Put grilled peppers and chili from Wendy's on it because my dad loves chili. Cook the turkey for 10-hundred hours in the oven. Put more salt and pepper on it. Eat the turkey with mashed potatoes & gravy and pinto beans.
Those are just a handful of the funny recipes the kids came up with. FROM THE MINDS OF KINDERGARTENERS....ya just can't make this stuff up!!! ha ha ha

November 16, 2008

Does your house speak?

Our houses speaks to us or at least that is what I think. If you recall, a few months ago the shelf in our bathroom came crashing down at 2 am. Translation....the bahtroom was telling us it was time to remodel. A few weeks ago an air vent fell off the wall at 4 am. In hind sight, the house was trying to tell us there was a problem with the furnance. This weekend, as I was cooking breakfast, a dish fell out of the cabinet squashing my french toast. I guess that means the kitchen needs to be reorganized. Luckly, I enjoy reorganizing!

November 13, 2008

When It Pours!!!!!!!!!

Well, we were blessed to have the issues with the furnace found...and fixed! There was some stress about it...but we both know that it's truly God's hand.. lookin' out for us and our baby on the way. However, in installing the furnace...they found that our whole house needs to be rewired. This is a a bit bigger. God is still God..and we know that He is the provider of all that we have. We have the money to cover such a thing, but in "our plans"...this money was going to be in savings....and help us through the time of Shana being home with the baby. In our "ideal" plans....with me in grad school & baby on the way......we would not have had to replace the furnace & we would not have to have the house rewired(we're kind of wondering if they're going to tell us our foundation is cracked and our whole house is going to fall into a gigantic sink hole!! ha ha..I'm kidding..kind of). But as I said...God is still God...and He will meet our needs. Please pray that we find someone to rewire our house that knows what they are doing...and gives us a good/fair price!!!! Please pray that we would continue to trust God...and not allow the things of this world stress us out(cause they do at times). Pray that Shana & the baby will not be effected by said stress. Thank you!!! Welcome to The Edingers...DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA!

November 11, 2008

...blessing in disguise...

We aren't sure exactly when it happened, but....this past weekend we realized that our furnace was no longer working(with our first cold snap of the season). At first, we believed it was a minor issue. We've had some problems over the past couple years, but they were fixed with a little help from Morris(Shana's brother) or the local heating repair guy. This time we called our friend Michael(who was the master mind behind our wonderful bathroom makeover) to see if he knew of someone who could look at it. We are so thankful to have a friend like Michael. Yes, he is well connected, but he is so giving & kind(and doesn't make me feel like a dumb dumb for knowing nothing about fixin' stuff!!!)

With the weather turning cold(30 degrees Sunday night)...we could not stay at the house. So off we went to Lebanon to stay at Shana's parents. They're great & gracious to let us stay(PLUS...Shana's mom enjoyed showing us all the new items she found for the baby). However, that night I was not able to sleep. The bed made me hurt all over. Thank goodness it was only for one night. WE THOUGHT! Monday we found out that the furnace did not just have a minor problem....but that it would need to be replaced. The man that came to look at it said he thought it was about 40 yrs old....there were char marks up the side(so it has been a fire risk)...and that it was a carbon monoxide risk. Knowing I could not spend another sleepless night(and still be a good teacher, husband, friend)....I found a friend to stay with near my school. Shana has been staying with her folks(and getting mom's home cookin'). Hopefully, we'll be back in our house tomorrow!!!!

Though this was not exactly what we were hoping for....with some time to reflect on the situation.....we are extremely thankful. There has been no fire! We've not had any ill effect from carbon monoxide. We aren't juggling being new parents while trying to find a place to stay, a new furnace to buy, and a person to install it! We feel so blessed that God knows our needs, looks out for us when we don't even realize it, and loves us through our anxiety & frustration. He's a good God...yes He is!!!

November 2, 2008

BABY BRAIN 2 : The Halloween Edition

I have been given permission to share this story(I don't want to be accused of being a big meanie for making fun of my pregnant wife!).

Halloween is a holiday of costumes, candy, and craziness. For ranks up there as one of the longest days of the year(because kids minds are on costumes, candy, and craziness!!! ha ha).

So after a very long day at school...we head to church for Trunk-r- Treat(which Shana could not get straight...she kept calling it Trick-r-Trunk)! We had a great time passing out candy, talking with friends, and showing off Shana's pumpkin belly. Isn't Margaret's costume awesome!

Well, after we were done at church....we decided we'd head to Target to do our Baby Registry. We were tired, but knew we needed to get it done because of an upcoming baby shower!

After some issues getting our information logged into the we went to the baby section. Shana had done her research, talked to friends, read reviews...and was ready to get this show underway! I really had no strong feelings about the baby stuff. If it's shiney, bright, and colorful...I like it! ha ha So, my job in this was to zap the items Shana handed to me. This I can do(was my job when we did our Wedding Registry). So, Shana hands me an item to zap...I zap it...hand the item back to her...and she throws it in our cart. Ok...I'm really tired...but realize this is not right. "Shana...Honey....aren't people suppose to buy these things for us???" She pauses..looks in the cart..and starts laughing. "I guess I'm really tired" she tells me. I smile, nod, and get ready to zap the next item. She hands me the item...I zap it...hand it back to her...and she throws the item in our cart. At this point I burst out laughing...Shana looks at what she has done...AGAIN...and starts laughing. Well...this is very funny..and delightful...and could be explained by the extremely long day we've had. didn't just happen twice. BABY BRAIN STRIKES AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shana made sure that this wouldn't happen today when we did a registry at Babies-R-Us..........she didn't get a cart!!!!