December 11, 2012

Christmas is Coming 2012

Christmas time is a great time to take pictures...  

How can anyone get a good family picture when everyone is looking every which way?!
Even the Santa wasn't looking in some of them!! ha ha ha  Enjoy.

October 25, 2012

Annual Pumpkin Patch Visit

This was the first year we felt Margaret really got into the pumpkin patch.  She loved exploring everything, looking at the animals(even fed one out of her hand!), and playing in the toddler area!  

Eli did NOT enjoy the animals so much.  After a recent run-in with a dog (the dog was sweet...Eli just didn't know it was right behind him)....Eli is a bit standoffish with animals.  HOWEVER...he LOVED the gravel pits they had in the toddler area.  I think he could have played there ALL DAY!!!  All boy...and so much fun!  Hopefully next year he'll enjoy the animals more. 

September 21, 2012

The Edinger Kiddos & Their Many Faces

Eli is very very sweet, but you might be able to tell in this picture...he is always up to something!

He is a smiley happy boy...and his laugh will brighten anyone's day!  

Margaret is all or nothing!  She's always had this serious side...always watching..always observing.

Then at times...she's a silly goose!  She needs acting lessons or something...focus that drama, drama, drama into something amazing!!! 

May 29, 2012

Stars & Stripes....and SMILES!!!!

It is hard to believe our baby girl is 3 yrs old & baby man is almost 1 yr!?!?!  We are so blessed by our kiddos!  Margaret is growing up so quickly(she tells us this all the time "I growin' up").  She has a heart for friends/people....and is very inquisitive(a nice way to say she asks WHY? ALL THE TIME!!!).  Eli is such a sweet cuddly guy!!!!  He laughs a lot(usually at sister).  As with sister...a late bloomer in locomotion...but he is finally starting to get the crawling thing. Margaret didn't walk till she was around 15 months we're not too worried about E3.  

May 9, 2012

Eli & Friends!

Eli is hangin' out with Yoda(s) at Target!  He kept turning to them and "talking".  SO FUNNY!

March 12, 2012

Funny Boy!

Eli is a sweet & FUNNY baby!!! He is always smilin' & laughin'....AND TALKING!!! I wish I could capture all of his expressions.