May 30, 2009

My Girls Are So Cool!!!

It was an amazingly beautiful day....and Shana, Margaret, & I decided to go walking(Margaret actually just road around in the stroller...she's advanced..but not walking yet!! ha ha) up at Indian Lakes. Well, one of the stores at Indian Lakes is Gymboree. Hmmm...who likes Gymboree in this family? Shana showed amazing restraint, and only bought these oh-so-cute sunglasses for Margaret!
Can she get any cuter? I love my cool girls!

May 29, 2009

Shapin Up

Now that school is out, I have been taking advantage of Ted being home by going to the gym every morning. It feels so good to get my heart rate up, tone my muscles, and shed a few pounds! In the mean time, Margie has been strengthening her muscles. We are amazed at how well she has been able to hold her head up as well as push herself up with her arms in the last few weeks. Here are a few snap shots of Margie's workout.

May 27, 2009

Splish, Splash

Margie loves taking a bath. She seems to enjoy chilling out in the tub. Tonight though she was all wound up when she dicovered how to spalsh the water with her fist. Too cute! She spent the rest of bath time babbling to me and showing me how she could splish splash!

May 25, 2009


Today is a day to remember those who gave their life for us in the armed forces. For is also a day to remember the man that gave me life. My dad died 10 yrs ago today unexpectedly of cancer. I've spoken of him in a post right before Margaret was born(a dad's perspective I believe it is titled) I won't go into things, but wanted to take a moment to honor the man that gave me life, a love for life, a love for laughter, and an amazing perspective of loyalty.
Thank you dad for giving so much!

May 24, 2009

Daddy & Margaret Time

Tonight Shana was going to get ready for bed, and I was kind of chillin' on the sofa. So she tucks Margaret under my arm and says "Be sweet to daddy!" Margaret was sleeping at first...and so sweet!!! I kind of worried that I'd crush her with my arm(a reason I'll never fall asleep with her laying on or beside me), but she seemed to like being snuggled tightly. After a few minutes, Margaret woke up and looked at me with her big bright brown eyes...kind of surprised. NOT MOMMY! Sometimes this look of surprise is followed by crying(daddy does not have what she wants!!!)...but not this time. She started wiggling around and cooing...and then grabbed my chin with her little hand(one of those frozen in time precious moments). She gave me one of her sweet smiles and looked at me as if to say..."Your my big guy!"(which would be fair for her to say since I always call her baby girl)

May 19, 2009

Missing Margie

I am returning to work tomorrow. I already miss Margie. She will have a great time with Grand Nani, but I am sad I won't be staring at
her sweet face all day.

The Good Deal Gene

For years I have prided myself on finding good deals. It gives me a since of satisfaction to purchase items at a fraction of the cost that most people pay. My obsession has gotten so bad that I refuse to pay full price for anything and I really don't enjoy myself unless I get at least half off. Well apparently Margie has already developed her own sense of bargain shopping. How do I know? Simple, she seems to enjoy her garage sale finds much more than her new toys. Saturday I bought this bug at a yard sale for $1 (retail $10). She smiled as soon as I put it in her hands. Today, I picked up this tummy time mat for $8 (retail $35) at a consignment shop. She stayed on her tummy much more contently as well as longer than any other time. So there it is Margie at only two months old can already spot a bargain! Shop on sister!

May 18, 2009


We interrupt the normal baby blogs for a special report! My wife is amazing!!! She knew how much I wanted to see the new Star Trek movie, but wasn't able to get any of my guy friends to go see it because of timing. So, she said she'd go with me! We dropped Margaret off at Grandma & Grandpa Lankford's...and went to the movies. It was nice to have some time with just the two of us. .......AND....... OH MY GOSH!!! THIS MOVIE IS WONDERFUL! I loved it!!! THANK YOU SHANA FOR GOING TO THE MOVIES WITH ME!!!

May 11, 2009

Check up!

Margie had her two month check up today!

Weighing in at 11 pounds which puts her in the 50% for size.
Measuring in at a whooping 23 1/2 inches putting her in the 90% for height.

She is full of smiles.

She is starting to grab and grip her toys.

She is holding her head up more and more each day.

She is doing GREAT!

May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

For years, I have taken care of other people's children longing for the day I could hold my own children. Now that time has arrived. God has blessed us with the most precious daugther. My heart overflows with love for her. Words can't express the joy I feel when I see her smile. I am so grateful that God gave me the opportunity to be her mommy. To celebrate this special time, Ted set up a photo shoot for our family to help us remember our first mother's day. It was the perfect gift! I am so lucky to have sweet, thoughtful husband and a beauitful little girl!

May 9, 2009

Two Months and Growing!

Margie is two months old today! I can hardly believe how fast this time has gone by. We have truly enjoyed ever moment of this journey. While Margie still sleeps a lot she is beginning to interact with us more. She looks at us when we talk to her. She smiles at us when we try to make her laugh. She even tries to reach for her toys every once in while. Slowly but surely she is beginning to become a little independent. In the mornings, I lay her in her crib while I get ready. She lays there contently talking to her cat or kicking her music cube. It is so much fun to watch the excitement on her face when she makes the music play.

On Monday, we go for her two month check up. She seems to be sleeping a lot this week. I read somewhere that babies grow when they sleep. I can hardly wait to see how much she has grown! She has certainly gotten longer. I am guessing she is going to be tall like her dad. She is definately feeling heavier too. Guess we'll just have to wait until Monday to find out for sure!

May 6, 2009

Smart Shopping!

Today, I decided it was time to start teaching Margie about great money saving deals so we made our first official trip to Publix. She did great! I don't know how much she really learned considering she slept through the whole trip, but we got what we needed that's what is important!

May 4, 2009


If you don't smile after seeing this picture of Margaret...there's just
something wrong with you!! ha ha

We Did Not Teach Her This!!!

I have a feeling this is a gene passed down through my side of the family(Ted). My sister sticks her tongue out for almost every picture that is taken of her!?!?! ha ha Thanks Aunt Laurie!!!