January 25, 2013

Daddy's Little Artists

Before Christmas break...Shana brought the kids in to daddy's classroom to paint some gifts for the grandparents.  Margaret loves to come to daddy's school like a big girl..and loves to paint!

She really gets into it...so focused!!

When painting with small children...strip them down...hold on to them...and make sure YOU are covered!! ha ha  Eli did a good job, but isn't into it as much as sister!!!

January 24, 2013

Kids Crafts at Lowes

(this was from Dec.'s Kids Crafts day)

The kids LOVE craft days at Home Depot & Lowes!

Margaret does AMAZING with the hammer(and she can work a screw driver like no bodies business!!!)

Eli wants to be just like his big sister!!

He watches her closely.

Then he hammers away at his snack! What can ya say...he's 18 months! ha ha

January 23, 2013

More Pictures from Christmas..

We attended an annual gingerbread house party...and Margaret was REALLY into it!!

In every way possible!!!

Then you have