April 30, 2008

Good Bye Brooke White

American Idol's Brooke White had been a fav. of mine, but as I said in a prior post...she kind of lost "IT".  However, she should not have gone home tonight.  And although Syesha Maercado is one of my least fav. people in the competition(has been since the beginning!!!)....she did not deserve to be in the bottom two tonight(she's actually done really well the past two weeks...good for her!).  Jason Castro...the dread head...SHOULD HAVE GONE HOME!!!!!!!!!!  America got it wrong!  WAY WRONG!!!  He sounds exactly the same on every song he has sung.  There is something about having a recognizable sound...but there is also something to say(and not good) about sounding the same no matter the song.   Though an all male final three would be a first for American Idol...he needs to go ASAP!!!!!!!!!  

SIDE NOTE:  I really like how Ryan handled the Paula situation.  I must say...it was one of the craziest things I'd ever seen from Paula....but what Ryan did was one of the kindest things I'd seen out of the entertainment industry.  

April 27, 2008

I love my wife!

Shana has gone over & above to make me feel loved & special during my "birthday weekend"(who knew ya got a whole weekend?!?!).  A wonderful date night Friday night...a card informing me she was going to get me a new laptop for grad school....a pancake breakfast w/ blackberry syrup(I love blackberries!!!!!!!!)...and now she's working on my birthday cake for tomorrow nights cookout with friends(actual birthday is tomorrow.. April 28th).  YES...I KNOW I'M BLESSED!!!! :o)  

April 24, 2008

bloggin' about a blog...

Hey gang(all two or three of you..ha ha)! I wanted to let you know about a site where I'll be guest blogging. It's called, School Library Journal...The World's Largest Reviewer of Books, Multimedia, and Technology for Children and Teens. A friend of a friend was looking for an artsy fartsy type to review books relating to art, artists, and crafts...and BAM! I got the job. Actually, I got the book...I get to keep the book I reviewed(at least I think I do...they'll have to hunt me down if they want it back!!! ha ha). If enough people check out the blog I wrote..and leave comments...I'll get to review more!! I LOVE BOOKS...so this is a fun thing for me. Check it out. Oh.....and leave a comment(be nice please!! ha ha).

The link to my guest blog is.............


April 22, 2008

American idol

American Idol has been my must- see -TV since Season 1!  Unfortunately they changed the age limit a year too late for me, but I live vicariously through the contestants.  Every season I have my fav!  Season 1..Kelly...Season 2...Clay...Season 3..LaToya/Diana(I couldn't decide)...Season 4 ..Bo...Season 5... MANDISA....Season 6..Melinda.  Now...I never said that I was spot on(though I totally called Kelly & even though Clay didn't win..he's done the best with sales out of that season).  Now we are in the midst of Season 7...and I have my favs(note..more than one).  Brooke White had been my fav....but after yet another poor performance, I really don't think she's got "it" & should probably go home.  I'll totally buy her CD when/if she makes one...cause I dig her voice/vibe.  David A was my other fav in the beginning.  I don't know where he fits in the music scene, but then again....did Clay really "fit" & he's done well for himself.  I loved what he did with Think of Me tonight(Simon is stupid).   To my surprise, David Cook has become a contest I totally enjoy!  Much like Daughtry, he's got IT.  He knows who he is, works the stage, and knows what his voice can do.  He could win it.  Anyways...just thought I'd share!  :o)  Any other AI fans wanna share?

April 18, 2008


You read right....EARTHQUAKE!!!   Shana had not been feeling well & had gone out to the living room about an hour before(so we were not in a deep sleep).  Around 4:30am...I hear her yell for the other room...."WHAT IS THAT???"   It felt like a herd of raccoon were running across our roof(imagine I said that in a very southern/hillbilly kind of way).  It's funny how when natural disaster type issues take place....the most backwoodsie/hillbilly type people are the ones they interview(we turned the TV on to find out what was happening and heard some funny/colorful accounts).   So this is what we learned.........an earthquake took place on the southern IN/IL boarder that registered 5.4, and we were feeling the trimmers from that all the way down here in Nashville!  This was Shana's first earthquake & my second(I experienced an earthquake in Ohio back in '93 while I was at BGSU).  WAY TO START A FRIDAY!!! ha ha

April 17, 2008

Is the sun rising or setting?  Does it matter?  Life is all about change...a new day begins as another day ends.  A year of youth passes through our hands as we firmly grasp a years worth of wisdom. 

As I'm about to turn another year older(April 28th)...I thank God for the amazing relationships, experiences, & LIFE He has blessed me with.  I pray I'm ever faithful with the moments I have, and encourage others to live the life God has given them to the fullest.  I look forward to the next year He has given me.... it is going to be full of new & amazing experiences.  Stay tuned!  

April 14, 2008


For several years I've tossed around the idea of getting my masters degree.  I knew there were no programs in the Nashville Metro area.  I had toyed around with the Mostly On-Line Masters in Art Ed from Ohio State University(even took a summer class a few years ago).  However, OSU pushes research & theory, and I really wanted something hands on.  I was not willing to get a masters in just anything to have a masters.  I wanted something that would challenge me & I'd enjoy investing myself.   This past fall(07)...Julie, Janet, & I met up at Panera's with our computers and started researching.  Julie & Janet are two of my best friends...and we do everything art together.  I found information about University of Idaho..and a new on-line program they were starting...Master of Arts in Teaching.  The program had been established on the campus for many years, but they were putting it on-line Fall 08.  We all decided to go for it. Applications had to be in by Feb. 1st.  That was a fun process?!?!?!?  We were told we'd be notified by April 1st.  I e-mailed them March 31 to make sure this was still the case.  I found out they moved the application deadline to March 15...so that pushed everything back.  For the past two weeks I've been contacting them trying to find out when they were going to let us know.  Today...I found out.  I GOT ACCEPTED!!!!  And so did Julie & Janet!!!  I'M SO EXCITED(please remind me of this next years when I'm teaching full time and trying to get my homework/projects done!!!! ha ha).   

April 10, 2008

Do We Look Like Spam????

I started this blogger page toward the end of March. However, they decided that we were spam & froze the account until further review. Now, I'm not totally surprised by the freeze. I had first created a blogger page under my name & e-mail account. Shana suggested we start one as a couple....so I changed "mine" to "ours". However, I couldn't figure out how to change the e-mail to our joint e-mail account.....so I deleted the account under my e-mail and redid the page under "our" account. Well, I guess this looked suspicious...because it was the exact same everything except the e-mail address. ANYWAYS?!!?!? Here ya go...our page is up and active & we look forward to sharing blurbs from our life with you.