April 24, 2011

Margaret's BFF

It amazes me how a child's personality comes out so early! Margaret use to yell across the parking lot at strangers & get upset when they wouldn't talk back to her. She loves to snuggle, hug, talk, and be with people. That's right...she is a people person(wonder where she gets that?). It should be no surprise that she already has a best friend. Sophia is about 4 months younger than Margaret, and is the daughter of our close friends from church. Margaret loves Sophia. She greets her with a hug and gives her a kiss goodbye. Now..as with all 2 yr olds..they have their issues(sharing is not always easy for them), but it is such a beautiful thing to see a pure friendship like theirs. We look forward to seeing their friendship grow over the years!

The other day Margaret fell asleep on the way home from Target. Shana noticed Margaret look like she was sleeping, but she was smiling and laughing. At first she thought she was trying to play a trick, but realized she really was sleeping. All of the suddent Margaret burst out laughing and yells Cia(what she calls Sophia). I don't know what they were doing in her dream, but I'm glad they were having fun!


vwiller said...

2 of my very best friends are women I have known since very early elementary school...and one of them from church! It is really fun to watch them start to have those relationships!! Gretchen's good friends for now are the younger sisters of Andrew's classmates...and they will be in class together soon enough!

MK said...

That is so cute! Kalila lost (by a move) her first best friend and I miss how close they were. Literally too since we were neighbors lol. She has another now, a whole click at Church even, but doesn't get to see them much yet.