October 4, 2011

My Little Bear

Eli looks so cute in his bear hoodie! There is something about bears..my first stuffed animal(that I remember) was a teddy bear my grandma got all her grandkids...the first book I memorized as a child was the Berenstain Bear's Spookie Old Tree...the first ornament I got Margaret was of a papa bear dancing with his baby bear. I guess part of the connection for me is that I was called Bear more than Ted growing up(and my mom still calls me Bear at times). Ted, Teddy, and Bear I answered to equally(and still do depending on the groups of people I am with). I feel blessed to have my own little bear....but I think He'll be Eli most of the time(though My Little ChubbaWabba is my fav. nickname for him at the moment! ha ha)

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