April 24, 2013

Visit to Grandma Judy & Grandpa Charlie

Grandma Judy is my mom(Ted)...but Grandpa Charlie is not my dad.  My dad passed away back in 1999.  HOWEVER....Charlie is 100% grandpa to my kids!!!!!!!!!  He loves Margaret & Eli like his own!!!!!  We love him dearly, and are so thankful to have him in our lives...and our kids lives!!!!!!  

The kids are not really dog lovers.  Margaret was kind of warming up to him by the end of the visit, but Eli was keeping a safe distance after the doggy knocked him down trying to play.


Outside playing...grandparents lovin' every minute of it!!!

Margaret is snugglin' up to Grandma...soooo sleepy!

Eli will get me for this when he's older...good picture for the yearbook his senior year, eh?!!

Tired kiddos...to much fun with the grandparents!!

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