October 3, 2008



October 16th we'll find out if we will be having a little Ted Jr. or a Teddwina(I'm totally kidding about the names!!). People keep asking...."NO...BE HONEST...WHAT DO YOU REALLY WANT??" I can tell you with all honesty....I'd be thrilled with either!

On the Grandma front....OH MY GOSH?!?!?!?! This being the first grandchild for both sides....you can imagine it is a very exciting time for Grandma & Grandpa Lankford and Grandma Edinger!!!! Shana's mom bought a shirt or onesy for the baby that says "WHAT HAPPENS AT GRANDMA'S HOUSE...STAYS AT GRANDMA'S HOUSE!". That pretty much sums it all up! ha ha The last time I talked to my mom she was asking about when we would know if the baby was a boy or girl...BECAUSE: " I CAN'T WAIT TO START BUYING STUFF FOR THE BABY!!!!! "

This little one is going to have a lot of love...and want for nothing over the next few years!!!!! We might want for some storage space though!!!


Mama Kalila said...

I need to pay more attention, I didn't realize you were pregnant! Congratulations!!! Believe me, it will go faster than you expect (I really expected it to drag out, but only the last few weeks did lol).

If you haven't already - you might want to check out cafemom.com is a great place to talk to other mommies & get info/feedback stuff. Mom's & real life people are great, but I've learned so much from these other women.

Jason said...

Hey great blog site. I don't know anyone else who has a site like this. It's awesome, you certainly have put a lot of tlc and creativity into it. Good Job. Well this is exciting times for you guys, Congrats. Just a pointer for the future... YARD SALES. You can find some really good bargains. Last year my wife found a dress a lady bought for her grand daughter for $60 (price tag still attached) She paid $4.00 for it, for our 2yr old. You never know what you can find. Have a great day:)