October 7, 2008

We're sick!

Some prayers would be great right now! Shana is at home(takin' a sick day) with strep throat. I am feelin' pretty cruddy myself(and not taking a sick day...normal for me). I'm wondering if I should have my tonsils removed??? It seems that every time I go to the doctor for sinus/throat stuff...they say, "WOW YOUR TONSILS LOOK TERRIBLE!" Always fun to hear. However, they have never suggested that they be removed? Wonder why?? I know it is harder on an adult, but if it would help me from getting sick every other week....it seems worth it? Who knows?!?

Anyways...pray for us to get better soon. Baby doesn't seem to like Shana's antibiotics.


sixwickerts said...

Hi Guys,

Sorry you are so sick :( We were just talking last night about calling you so we can get together! We have been house/job hunting....craziness! Anyway, we would love to hang out, will give you a call this week, to figure out a time :)

Josh Coy said...

soup is on...
*pours you a cup of green tea*

MaBell said...

Sorry you are both sick and will definitely pray that you're both better soon. As far as the tonsil thing - I had mine out in 2nd grade 'cuz my sis and I both had terrible strep throats all the time. After the tonsils were yanked - we still had terrible strep throats all the time. Go figure.