December 27, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas?

What does Christmas look like? Well, I've been wrestling with the holidays this year because they've not looked/been like I would have wished. The situations are extreme & no fault of anyone, but I've missed having my family in a "normal" Thanksgiving/Christmas situation. I love my in-laws & truly feel part of the family, but I miss being with my mom & sister. I guess we've not really had normal since dad died, but this year has seemed more abnormal than most! With all the changes going on...all our house issues...a baby on the way...I guess I long for stability/normal. As abnormal as my family all probably understand what I mean. There is something about having the faces you've known for a life time around you during special times. So anyways?!?!?! The pictures are of my neighbor's yard. I think the palm tree & Christmas flamingo are a perfect illustration for all that I've been going through. Christmas/Holidays don't always look the same...and some may seem pretty crazy, but it's about the heart behind it.


The Bradshaws said...

I am completely with you Ted!!!! The sad part is, the palm trees and flamingos are becoming almost normal to me lol. But nothing is as normal as your own family!

Christa said...

Ted, so sorry there have and are so many things going on in your life. I will pray for stability and will pray fast!! Things are only going to be changing even more in March!!! Good changes though!!