April 27, 2009

A Mayor's Art Show To Remember!

I was at the Mayor's Art Show( see my art blog http://artwithmre.blogspot.com ) Thursday night waiting for my students to arrive...when something strange happened. I saw my wife & baby girl. I thought they weren't coming(Margaret is still a little young for such a big event), but I was happy to see them!!!! Then I noticed someone else was with them....someone that didn't belong in this setting at all!!
IT WAS MY BEST FRIEND ,JEFFERSON, FROM UP NORTH!!!!! WHAT?? WHY WAS HE HERE?!?!?! WHERE WAS HIS WIFE AND THREE KIDS?!?!?! Come to find out, my wife had been planning this for months! My birthday is April 28th....and she flew Jefferson down from Pittsburgh, PA area to spend a long weekend with us. WHAT A SURPRISE!!!!!! THANK YOU JEFFERSON FOR COMING...THANKS LISA & KIDS FOR LETTING JEFFERSON COME...AND THANK YOU SHANA FOR BEING SO AMAZING & THOUGHTFUL!
This was Margaret's first art show...and she did WONDERFUL! MY WONDERFUL WIFE!!!

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Jodi said...

awww! kudos to Shana for planning an awesome surprise!!