April 12, 2009


Easter was an extra special day for us because we got to introduce Margie to the Lankford side of the family. Margie is named after my Grandma Lankford so it meant a lot to me to show her off to our family. My Grandma was a spunkie lady who was always full of life. She always like to be on the go. she always had to be doing something from working around the house, cooking, sewing, or taking care of her Violets and Iris. Grandma Lankford was funny too. She was always trying to slip a joke in on you. Her beautiful eyes would almost give it away though as they seemed to smile at you as she would try to hold her laughter back. Mrs. Margie, as she was often called, was overfollowing with southern hospitality. She wouldn't let anyone leave her house without offering them a piece of pie and a cold drink which really meant you weren't leaving until she had stuffed you silly. She was a great cook. Grandma made everything with lard and sugar which they say is bad for you but considering she lived to be almost 92 years old that obviously isn't the major problem. As a child, she taugh me how to cook from scratch. I remember her telling me you had to cook with your senses and add a little love to it. She was so right. We made dumplins, biscuits, and fried potates. What I wouldn't give for one more serving of candied sweet potatoes! I loved my grandmother dearly. She was an amazing lady. I hope our Margie turns out just like her.

My Great Grandmother died when Grandma Lankford was three years old. She left behind this rocking chair that my grandma used to rock her children, grandchildren, and several of her great grand children in. When she died, that chair was the one thing I really wanted. For me it reminds me of my grandma never ending love for her family and friends.


Mama Kalila said...

Very sweet.. and Happy Easter btw.

Jodi said...

His Email is theman2475@yahoo.com

But, when he talked to you on the phone, he was pretty much throwing out ideas. We found out there aren't any available dates at the Smokey's in the summer because it's 'peak season'. So, we are now looking to go in November. CJ might still see his mom, but we won't be coming along. Go ahead and Email him. He could probably explain more.

Audrey said...

What a tribute to your grandma to be able to introduce your sweet baby girl to that side of the family!