May 24, 2009

Daddy & Margaret Time

Tonight Shana was going to get ready for bed, and I was kind of chillin' on the sofa. So she tucks Margaret under my arm and says "Be sweet to daddy!" Margaret was sleeping at first...and so sweet!!! I kind of worried that I'd crush her with my arm(a reason I'll never fall asleep with her laying on or beside me), but she seemed to like being snuggled tightly. After a few minutes, Margaret woke up and looked at me with her big bright brown eyes...kind of surprised. NOT MOMMY! Sometimes this look of surprise is followed by crying(daddy does not have what she wants!!!)...but not this time. She started wiggling around and cooing...and then grabbed my chin with her little hand(one of those frozen in time precious moments). She gave me one of her sweet smiles and looked at me as if to say..."Your my big guy!"(which would be fair for her to say since I always call her baby girl)


Jessica said...

Oh, sweet story! Those ARE precious moments. I luv a good father/daughter story!

Chad said...

Love those moments! You just want to take a picture in your mind so you can have it forever =)

Chad said...

Oh, that was Emily, not Chad.