May 19, 2009

The Good Deal Gene

For years I have prided myself on finding good deals. It gives me a since of satisfaction to purchase items at a fraction of the cost that most people pay. My obsession has gotten so bad that I refuse to pay full price for anything and I really don't enjoy myself unless I get at least half off. Well apparently Margie has already developed her own sense of bargain shopping. How do I know? Simple, she seems to enjoy her garage sale finds much more than her new toys. Saturday I bought this bug at a yard sale for $1 (retail $10). She smiled as soon as I put it in her hands. Today, I picked up this tummy time mat for $8 (retail $35) at a consignment shop. She stayed on her tummy much more contently as well as longer than any other time. So there it is Margie at only two months old can already spot a bargain! Shop on sister!

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