September 12, 2009

Words Don't Always Explain Your Family

Before having my own baby, I kept the Krodels. For the last ten almost eleven years I have been part of their family enjoying all the ups and downs of life. Now with my own little one it is very important to me to make them a part of Margie's life the way they made me a part of theirs. We keep trying to come up with the words to describe our relationships but I don't think those words really exist. Eliza today kept saying cousins in quotation marks. She is so funny like that. All I can say is I love them as if they were my own. They love us the same way. We really enjoyed spending the day with them.

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vwiller said...

In my kids world they have a million cousins...most not by blood and anyone who is not Tim or my sister is an Auntie not aunt...but they have tons of extra Aunties and Uncles and that is just normal and so much fun here!