September 7, 2009

Ear Infection...NOT GOOD...Meds to fix..YUMMY!!!!

Margaret has had her first ear infection this week. She loves her medication. It is like a sweet treat....she gets so excited when she sees it...she starts going yumm...yumm..mmm..mmm!!!!

All Better Now!

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Mama Kalila said...

Oh poor thing! Kalila's had two of those (the second was a surprise, we foudn out at a well visit & she had no symptoms). The first was awful... She hated the meds & fought me every time. The second time she did more like your little girl & loved it lol. I had to get on to Jas for telling her it was yummy and stuff a couple times though... esp now that she likes it I don't want her to think its candy. Is nice not to have to fight to give the meds though...