October 11, 2009

Margie's First Words

Most babies don't talk until they are much older, but Margie seems to be advanced. Ok, so look at her parents... is it really a suprise that she is already babbling her first words. A month ago we noticed that she was saying "mamamama" every time she wanted me to come pick her up. It has been so sweet to come home to her "mamamama" every day, and watch her face light up with joy when I respond. "Mama" is a typical first word, but what came next I was not expecting. Sunday, I was in the nursery feeding Margie. One of the other mama's walked over to greet us. Margie said "hi" to her. I thought oh how cute she is mimicing her. A little while later, Ted was changing her before we left church. The changing table is by a window, and Margie was looking outside watching the birds. Someone walked by the window, Margie said "bye bye." Looks like our sweet girl is going to be one friendly baby!


vwiller said...

She is gorgeous! Incase I have not said so lately, but I might be slightly biased since she is Gretchen's birthday twin.

Mama Kalila said...

Awww! How sweet!

Kalila's was boob... and it was very early too. I blame it on my husband though, he kept asking her if she wanted one when she cried and quickly she started associating the sound w/ food.