October 8, 2009

Sock it to you!

So I went to get Margaret out of the van, and noticed she had one sock on..and one sock off. I didn't see it around her feet, and when I pulled the carrier out ....did not see it on the seat? I look down at Margaret to ask her where she put it....and there it was by her head?!?!?!!?


vwiller said...

She took it off herself and was stashing it for later. How much longer will she fit in the carrier? I think I will have to give mine up this weekend for the convertable car seat.

Ted and Shana said...

Well, we got a bigger one that would last awhile. Her toes somethings hang off the end, but I think we've got a bit more time with it. :) what are you baby stats now?? Oh..and we got the picture today..too cute!