October 11, 2010

Sick Day = Daddy Daughter Fun Day!

Margaret had been dealing with a fever for a few days. We think it was connected to her MMR shots, but who knows for sure?!? So, mamma took Wed., grandma had her Thurs., and I took off work on Friday. Lucky for me...by Friday her fever was gone, and she was back to her old self for the most part. We had so much fun together!! I am not one to enjoy missing school, but I had a great day with my baby girl...and it was totally worth it!!!


Anonymous said...

Poor thing! If I remember right that's common for that particular shot. Zavier got a horrid fever after his HIB and DTap, we think it was the DTap... doesn't really matter though, either way it equaled a miserable baby. Thankfully it came down and all is well (and was last dose for awhile so we don't have to worry about it). Glad Margaret is doing better too! And looks like fun :-)

Anonymous said...

Sorry last dose of Dtap... Realized that could have come out wrong lol. We're still in the shots every month phase, can't wait for them to space out more.

(yes I know I over think everything lol)

vwiller said...

SHe is so darling!!!