September 21, 2010


Friends...if you are still there, if you haven't given up hope of us every blogging again, if you still believe we do exsist(check facebook..we are alive and well)...THANK YOU!!! Blogging has just kind of fallen to the way side. There was the end of school, the move, and then the start of school....and the fact that we still do not have internet other than what we're stealing from neighbors. So I thought I'd just drop by and let you know we hope to do better in the near future!!! So much has happened since our last post. I have graduated with my masters, Margaret is talking up a storm, we moved into our new house & LOVE IT!!!, and the list goes on and on! Hopefully we'll fill in the blanks. We have a million pictures to share as well! Blog at ya soon....TedE


vwiller said...

I haven't been here in weeks, and i actually checked today! Great to know you had not abandoned this one!

Martin05 said...

Will be looking forward to it. From your non-Facebooking friend :)

Anonymous said...

Awww... Every blog I've followed tends to go in cycles of writing more or less. I've done it too. Glad all is well