September 20, 2011

Hangin' With Her Bro!

Eli puts up with Margaret for the most part. He lets us know when he's had enough of his sister's "love". Margaret however...when she's had enough...pushes Eli off of her! Thank goodness we are always setting beside the two of them!! ha ha Don't they look so sweet together!!! I pray they will always be there for one another...and that Margaret will look out for her little brother until he is no longer the "little" brother(which could be any day now for our chubba wabba!!!)...and that he'll look out for her!

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Martin05 said...

Hey! Just caught up on your blog! Eli is so cute and it's super sweet to see and his darling sis together. Siblings are a beautiful thing. I saw u requested pics of the new house, but I think you just may have to come see for yourself! ;) We are painting Millie's room this weekend so maybe I'll post some before and afters. We haven't had to paint anything cuz the existing colors work for us, but I want to "girl-ify" her room. Miss u guys!