September 20, 2011

Our Funny Girl

We are not a family that plops our child in front of the TV as a baby sitter. We let her watch PBS in the morning, but other than that...we try to not have her setting in front of the TV. However, as a family we watch Wipe Out. MARGARET LOVES IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As I have said on Facebook, our little girl has a wicked sense of humor!!

I think someone just tried to run across the Big Balls, and didn't make it!

She loves a good fall!!!!

I just wanted to put this random picture up to say....SHE GETS THIS FROM SHANA'S SIDE!!!!

The Edingers have never been able to get their foot up that far off the ground!!! :) Ha Ha Ha

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vwiller said...

i have a picture from August with all 3 of my boys with toes in their mouths! Oh and on the above husband said that the younger 2 got the "Willer twitch" anytime their brothers were close! Gretchen would only sleep in the front pack the whole first summer because none of them could touch her.