June 26, 2008


If you know me at all you are probably laughing at the title because you know I can't spell worth a flip. Only the joke is on you because the title is spelled correctly (at least in my world). Let me explain. Ted loves Peeps. It is one of the only foods he is truly passionate about, unlike me who is passionate about all food. Anyway, a several months back Ted came home one day as chipper as could be because he had found the first Easter peeps of the season (which as you know starts the day after Valentines). Seeing his bright smile, I decided to make him a Peeps basket for Easter.  I spent weeks looking for all things Peeps. As I searched online for possible boy Peeps items, I found out that Peeps make many products, but they don't sell them at the same places. For instance, they make peep baskets that are only sold at Meijers or pleather peep pens only at Walgreen's. With this in mind, I kept my eyes peeled on our spring break road trip for special peep items. When I would find said items I would sneak around and buy them without Ted's knowledge.. then hide them in the car. Well somewhere between West Virginia and Pennsylvania we stopped at a store that had Peeps clay. It was like art meets Peeps right there in front of me. I picked them up and tried to scurry up to the checkout counter before he saw me. No luck, when I was almost there he caught me. Thinking quick on my feet I said "Look at this. Don't you think Superman and Ladybug would like these?" Quick side note: Superman and Ladybug are the children of Ted's teenagehood best friends who we were on our way to see at the time. Anyway, so with Ted totally believing my cover story we purchased the Peeps dough. On the way to the car, Ted ran into someone he knew who he began talking too. So I used the opportunity to hide the Peeps where he would never find them. Now, if you know me well or for that matter only met me one you will know that I pretty much have no short term memory. Yea, the light bulb is going off...you guessed it... I totally forgot about the Peeps clay until I found them TODAY in the pocket my school bag.  As I booed over the fact that I left out the Peeps, I decided the moment was too priceless not to share.  OK, so maybe I cackled... opposed to booing but Peep- a -Cackle wouldn't make any sense.

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Jodi said...

Jon absolutely loves Peeps, also. And you know - they have them during other holidays... like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Valentine's. Anyway, I found some in a store a few years ago that were red, white, and blue from Independence Day. Well, he ate one and said it tasted stale. Now he won't eat Peeps unless it's Easter.