June 12, 2008

SICK & WRONG! blog by Ted

I am not a man that gets sick often, and if I do...I push through it.  Monday morning I woke up early with a strange cough & feelin' a bit sickly.  As the day went on my temperature climbed.  By evening, I was feeling TERRIBLE.   I drove myself to Quick Care(which is neither quick nor caring)...to find I had a pretty bad case of strep throat.  So...off I went to get my meds & then home.  I had high hopes, though, because I caught it early that it would be over in no time.  WRONG!  For three days my temp went up and down...but staying around 100 most of the time.  I hurt all over.  I didn't want to eat.  I just felt cruddy.  And then...MY YARD MOCKED ME!  It's been so hot lately & we've had little rain.  Yet as I looked out my window...seeing all the shiney happy healthy people enjoying being out & about in the summer time bliss....my parched lawn had amazing patches of green....WEEDS.  SICK & WRONG!!!!!  How is it that my few blades of actual grass have given up the ghost, but the weeds seem to be stronger than ever?!?!?!?!  Anyways...I digress.  I woke up this morning feeling hungry(good sign), the spots were gone on the back of my throat, and I no longer cared about the weeds mocking me.  However...my head hurt(hmm...Shana may have socked me a good one to stop snoring??).  With the symptoms of strep gone...I realized my ears were hurting...feeling as if the tubes were full of somethin' somethin'.  So...probably...all of this is linked to a sinus infection that stopped everything up...and is still causin' issue.  The strep....was just a bonus.  I wonder if the magical meds they gave me will take care of everything...known & unknown(including killing the weeds in my yard!!!)...hmmm.   SICK AND WRONG.  

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antb said...

Hey Ted my favorite nephew... assuming that you still have your tonsils... maybe you should have them yanked out... that could stop the strep throat you seem to get often... I need you to stay well since you will be taking care of me when I get OLD and I know you will be choosing my nursing home so I best just shut up and let you heal... hope you are all better by now... take care and know you are loved.. antb