June 18, 2008

...what's goin' on...

Greeting all you who read this thing!!  We do appreciate your reading, comments, time..etc.  Well, Shana is in CA for a handful of days & I am busy teaching at Art al Sol(summer art camp put on by MNPS).  So....we've been busy & are sorry we've not been faithful to post.  We are truly more interesting than it may appear(ha ha).  Shana went out to see Liz...one of her best friends that she talked about(and there are pictures) in a previous post.  It truly is a good time to go...I'm teaching all day on the west side of town & then go to the church after to work on VBS decorations.  Then Friday night I'm suppose to be teaching at Jo-Ann's...and then Sat. morning I'm teaching at Jo-Ann's.  IS THIS SUMMER BREAK?!?!?!?!   HA HA!!!  Anyways...hopefully things will slow down a bit in the next couple weeks.  

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