February 2, 2009

The NO Sleep Study

So, I've snored a little most of my life....but mostly when I'm struggling with a sinus issue(which seems to be happening a lot more over the past few years). Well, a few months ago...Shana had enough of it! :) ha ha No..not really. She said it sounded like I stopped breathing in the midst of my snoring, and she was worried about me. So a couple weeks ago I went to an ENT(Ears, Nose, and Throat Doctor). When the doctor finally walked into the room he said..."I know the answer to your problems! BUY HER EAR PLUGS!" After almost fallin' out laughing...the exam began. I ,of coarse, started by telling him I did not have thyroid issues...that my big eyes were a family thing!! ha ha The doctor thought I did not show signs of sleep apnea physically(noting that I have a large oral & sinus cavity..yes a big nose & a big mouth!!). However, said it could be possible because of my weight(as if I needed to be told about my weight?!?!?!). He decided that I should go through a sleep study to make sure about the apnea.

I wasn't really looking forward to the sleep study. I had heard it was a very uncomfortable experience. However....the place looked nice enough when I arrived Friday night at 8pm...the people working there seemed friendly...and the room looked like a nice hotel room with a queen size bed and cable TV. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all. After filling out a pile of forms, the experience started taking a turn for the worse. They first mark you with a china marker to determine where to place the sensors. However, to make this work...they have to grind the china marker into your flesh. I wish they would have just used a Crayola Washable Marker!!! Then, they begin to attach the sensors to my body with a goopie paste(that I later found out was extremely hard to remove). Then in some areas...LIKE MY CHEST HAIRS...they place tape to keep it extra secure. As the man was doing all of this, I made mention of my skin issues & that I hoped I didn't break out from the adhesive. "Oh no, it shouldn't be an issue at all." (at the end of the experience I had red blotches all over my face!!!). Each sensor has a wire...and then the wires are bundled behind your back....then attached to a device on the wall above your head in the bed. This was a bit unnerving. Then they taped this plastic thing under my nose. This hurt like no bodies business, and I was sure I'd have a bloody raw spot by morning(there was no blood, but it was raw..and very red). So then they turn out the lights and tell you to sleep. SURE?!?!? I do not sleep well in new places. I am not a back sleeper, but for the first part of the night, you are required to do so. The truth of the matter was....I had to lay still on my back because every time I moved it pulled my chest hairs out!!! OUCH!!!(just roll with me here ladies..it does hurt..ask any guy!!) Finally though....about 3am I couldn't take it any more...I had to flip over to my side......OOUUUCCCCCHHHHHHHH!!!!!! At that point, I actually did fall asleep for awhile.

6am...."WAKE UP TED" , said the guy that had wired me the night before. "HOW DID YOU SLEEP" he said in such a cheery voice. Not awake enough to edit...I said, "You have all these wires attached to me and you don't know...I want my money back!!!" He then informed me that I did have sleep apnea, and that I'd need to come back in for a C-PAP(the machine they hook you up to stop sleep apnea) study. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NOT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think the next time I'll bring them a Crayola Washable Marker & a razer to shave my chest where they are gonna wire me!!!


vwiller said...

IN case I never told Shana this tidbit...breathe right strips help when you are this far prego. Though they don't cure apnea, so you need to complete the tests and do as you are told. Even if it means shaving your chest hair for a test.

Elizabeth said...

hahahahaha.....i'm totally laughing about this because I can absolutely picture you telling me this story...but I do feel bad for all the tests you have to go through! Hope it works out!

Sue said...

Ted, so sorry you had to have that sleep study done; take comfort in knowing that there are others, myself included, who have been there. I have had a CPAP for over a year now, but can't use it every night like I'm supposed to because of migraines (the strap touches in the wrong spot) or because of head colds (hard to blow your nose with the CPAP mask on). The nights I do use it, I feel better in the morning; more refreshed. I'm hoping not to need it anymore as I lose weight (I joined WW about 3 weeks ago); a friend with sleep apnea who lost weight said he didn't need his anymore - there is hope! :)