February 10, 2009


If you have viewed our counter on the side of our page here....you've noticed that it's not much longer till Margaret is an outty baby! 30 days..give or take! We're so excited, and ask that you all continue to pray for us in this transition...pray for Shana to make it through the rest of her pregnancy with little discomfort(this is the not so fun stage for the mom!!)...and for Margaret..that she'll continue to grow and develop as she needs to...and pop out healthy & ready to greet the world!! Thank you all for being a part of this with us...we believe in the power of prayer & value the people God has placed in our lives!!!!


Mama Kalila said...

Aww.. I know just how hard this last month or so can be, but just keep in mind that the longer she's in there(as uncomfortable as it is)the better it is for her. She'll come when she's ready.

I'll definately be praying for yall :-)

vwiller said...

26 and counting for me, but I am scheduled already. I hope all goes perfectly, as I know it will. Today I start baby laundry and try to get a nap. Do whatever you can to help Shana out Ted, but not when she tells you she can do it. According to the weekly email I get the babe should no longer be able to flip over as there is not enough room...my daughter (as still being called Yoda b/c we still can't agree on a name) has not gotten that message yet...I hope yours is better behaved!

Ted and Shana said...

Victoria...what is your blog addy??