July 23, 2009

...Daddy Night...

Thurs. nights Margaret is stuck with daddy(sometimes Aunt Janet comes over for a little while to get her Margaret fix). Mommy goes to the girls Bible study, and gets a much needed break!!!
Tonight, Margaret & I played some, talked a bit(I'm fluent in Margaretese!!), she enjoyed some time in her swing beside me as I worked on homework....and then she feel asleep! That swing is FABULOUS! I had to get her up though to give her her bath, and get her ready for bed. She was not a happy baby, but for good reason...the nap put her past her feeding time!!! She would scream at me and then smack her lips at me! I just said..."I know..I know..daddy's mistake!! Feed the baby on time...I GET IT!!" ha ha As I was feeding her I needed to reposition her in my arms, and when I pulled the bottle away from her ...she grunted..grabbed the bottle...and shoved it back in her mouth!!!! Don't mess with hungry baby!!!!!!!!!!!! She finished her bottle, I sang to her a bit, and then placed her in the crib...she was asleep within five minutes!!! AMAZING! The crib thing is getting better. I like my Daddy Night...hard to get much done, but really...is there anything better?? Spend time with your little one makes everything else kind of fade away.

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