July 15, 2009

New Adventures in Parenting

Margie had her four month check up this week. She measured 13 pounds which puts her in the 45% for weight in contrast to 26 1/2 inches long which put her in the 97% for height. She is a long lean drooling machine who happens to be in excellent health.
At her appointment, we got a little advice on sleep habits. Margie has been sleeping in my arms since she was three weeks old. It was nice because we all got sleep. However, she is getting way too big to hold all night with out arm craps. So we tried the "Crying out" method and few weeks ago. It totally didn't work for her. She just cried herself horse. This week we tried the "crying it out with comfort" method which has been working much better. The first night she cried on and off for two hours, the next night for one hour, and last night she didn't cry at all! Praise the Lord this mama loves her little one but desperately wanted her bed back!
In addition to sleep training, we got the go ahead to start feeding her cereal. Well as we do in the Edinger house hold...we pulled out the camera and and camcorder to catch the whole event on film!
Before I could even get the bib on Margie stuck her hand in the cereal.

When I went to put it in her mouth she grabbed the spoon and stuck it in herself.

Look mom all gone!

But of course we had to end our meal by eating the bib!


Ma Bell said...

Too cute :)

Terra's Tune said...

She is so cute... I just want to squeeze her!! :)

Mama Kalila said...

Love the pics! She's a real cutie pie. Makes me want to go and look at the ones we got around that time lol. All of the pics and updates from yall (and a few other friends w/ little ones) aren't helping w/ the baby fever that's going around over here lol. (Not complaining ;-) I'd have it anyway). This is one of those areas I'm looking forward to next time.... We did the cereal at 4 mo's with Kalila too (despite my wanting to wait until 6... but got pressured) and have decided to skip cereal and go straight to mashed avocado with our next. I can't wait to see him or her covered in green mush lol. Anyways, hope the sleep thing works out soon... Kalila's almost 22 months old now and we've just started to get all our sleep kinks out... I can get her to bed just fine now, but she's still wanting a night feeding. She did the sleep on top of me thing for a couple weeks at first too (not as long as yours obviously) so I know how rough that is... Thankfully we got her onto the cosleeper quickly. Our prob was we transitioned to the crib too soon... Big lesson for me, just because a 2 month old sleeps through the night doesn't mean she will continue to do so lol. I had to let her cry for 10 min at a time more nights than I care to remember and felt like a hypocrite the whole time. So glad that's passed. (as crossing fingers that it doesn't come back!) Anyways, gonna stop bothering yall and write my own cute post while I have time! lol

Mama Kalila said...

Coming back because I realized that what I said the other day could have been taken wrong. I really hope not! I know we have different parenting styles, and there's nothing wrong w/ that... I get aggrivated when I see people blast each other online for having diff ones and really hope I didn't come across that way. Was however giving myself a hard time lol. Something I do a lot and prob shouldn't... Anyways, yall are doing a great job & have a beautiful little girl.

vwiller said...

Gretchen's stats were 14 lbs 3oz and 24 inches. Take each night that you get good sleep as a gift and take naps when you can.