March 19, 2010

Kitty Cat

Margie loves Lele, my mom's cat. When she was in the womb, Lele would lay on my belly and purr which was a little weird because normally Lele doesn't pay me much attention. After Margie was born, She would watch Lele with great curiosity just as Lele would watch her. Over the last few months, Lele has become more and more fond of Margie. In the mornings, they greet each other with their own little language. We have tried to teach Margie how to gently touch the kitty. We have even tried to teach her to say "cat" but Margie decided to call her bob. She has been calling the cat as well as her stuffed kitty bob for a few weeks. Tonight I was telling my mom about our visit to the zoo. Margie called the Meerkat "cat" then she started calling it "Bob". As we were laughing at Margie's silliness, the cat walked by her. With great excitement she said "kitty cat, kitty cat." Then proceeded to chase the cat around yelling "kitty cat!" LOL So I guess we have a new word!


Elizabeth said...

So precious! She's growing so fast! :)

vwiller said...

My boys loved our cat! And for a while they called him Gentle..because that is what you say when you are teaching boys to pet a cat! He died nearly 3 years ago and they still talk about him nearly every day.

dawn said...

Wow! She's ADORABLE!!!! And Shana - that is one good hair day :) Love ya ~Dawn