April 10, 2008

Do We Look Like Spam????

I started this blogger page toward the end of March. However, they decided that we were spam & froze the account until further review. Now, I'm not totally surprised by the freeze. I had first created a blogger page under my name & e-mail account. Shana suggested we start one as a couple....so I changed "mine" to "ours". However, I couldn't figure out how to change the e-mail to our joint e-mail account.....so I deleted the account under my e-mail and redid the page under "our" account. Well, I guess this looked suspicious...because it was the exact same everything except the e-mail address. ANYWAYS?!!?!? Here ya go...our page is up and active & we look forward to sharing blurbs from our life with you.


sixwickerts said...

YOu are a very suspicious looking couple!! Welcome to blogworld :) It is a fun way to keep in touch and let people know what is going on in your lives. We are looking forward to getting this move over with and settle into a new life! Please continue to pray for our house to sell.

Luluriahmom said...

Hi you two! I agree with the other comment- you do look a little suspicious!! :) Looking forward to reading more of your blog. Love you both!

Anonymous said...

I know I'd be suspicious :)