April 22, 2008

American idol

American Idol has been my must- see -TV since Season 1!  Unfortunately they changed the age limit a year too late for me, but I live vicariously through the contestants.  Every season I have my fav!  Season 1..Kelly...Season 2...Clay...Season 3..LaToya/Diana(I couldn't decide)...Season 4 ..Bo...Season 5... MANDISA....Season 6..Melinda.  Now...I never said that I was spot on(though I totally called Kelly & even though Clay didn't win..he's done the best with sales out of that season).  Now we are in the midst of Season 7...and I have my favs(note..more than one).  Brooke White had been my fav....but after yet another poor performance, I really don't think she's got "it" & should probably go home.  I'll totally buy her CD when/if she makes one...cause I dig her voice/vibe.  David A was my other fav in the beginning.  I don't know where he fits in the music scene, but then again....did Clay really "fit" & he's done well for himself.  I loved what he did with Think of Me tonight(Simon is stupid).   To my surprise, David Cook has become a contest I totally enjoy!  Much like Daughtry, he's got IT.  He knows who he is, works the stage, and knows what his voice can do.  He could win it.  Anyways...just thought I'd share!  :o)  Any other AI fans wanna share?


Ted & Shana said...

OH MY GOSH?!?!?! What in the world????? Jason & Brooke were safe????? America...ya got issues. I hope Brooke can redeem herself....she's got another shot. BUT WHAT IN THE WORLD?!?!?

sixwickerts said...

I was sorry to see Carly go home! Jason must go, and I love Brooke too :) My prediction for the final~ the two Davids!