April 30, 2008

Good Bye Brooke White

American Idol's Brooke White had been a fav. of mine, but as I said in a prior post...she kind of lost "IT".  However, she should not have gone home tonight.  And although Syesha Maercado is one of my least fav. people in the competition(has been since the beginning!!!)....she did not deserve to be in the bottom two tonight(she's actually done really well the past two weeks...good for her!).  Jason Castro...the dread head...SHOULD HAVE GONE HOME!!!!!!!!!!  America got it wrong!  WAY WRONG!!!  He sounds exactly the same on every song he has sung.  There is something about having a recognizable sound...but there is also something to say(and not good) about sounding the same no matter the song.   Though an all male final three would be a first for American Idol...he needs to go ASAP!!!!!!!!!  

SIDE NOTE:  I really like how Ryan handled the Paula situation.  I must say...it was one of the craziest things I'd ever seen from Paula....but what Ryan did was one of the kindest things I'd seen out of the entertainment industry.  

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