April 18, 2008


You read right....EARTHQUAKE!!!   Shana had not been feeling well & had gone out to the living room about an hour before(so we were not in a deep sleep).  Around 4:30am...I hear her yell for the other room...."WHAT IS THAT???"   It felt like a herd of raccoon were running across our roof(imagine I said that in a very southern/hillbilly kind of way).  It's funny how when natural disaster type issues take place....the most backwoodsie/hillbilly type people are the ones they interview(we turned the TV on to find out what was happening and heard some funny/colorful accounts).   So this is what we learned.........an earthquake took place on the southern IN/IL boarder that registered 5.4, and we were feeling the trimmers from that all the way down here in Nashville!  This was Shana's first earthquake & my second(I experienced an earthquake in Ohio back in '93 while I was at BGSU).  WAY TO START A FRIDAY!!! ha ha


Elizabeth Witt Walters said...

I can't believe Shana felt an earthquake before me and I've lived in SoCal for almost 8 years!!!

3 Little Monkeys said...

I miss CA so bad! I am so glad your earthquake experience wasn't missed by a useless night of restful sleep! 8 )
Sorry your guys weren't feeling good.