March 14, 2010

Biggest Loser Stuff

Let me start with.....I did not get on the Biggest Loser(YET...I think I'm gonna send a video). However, I had a blast yesterday! I met some amazing people!!! I heard some amazing stores!! I HAD FUN! The actual audition portion was short. 15 of us sat down at tables with the casting person. We introduced our selves first..then he threw out a question for us to jump in on. I felt I did very well....and was told by several of the guys as we were exiting the room that I was a natural & did a wonderful job. So, I did my part & put myself out there. As I started with...I do think I'll try to make a video. They told us to do so..warning they may not see that we have "it" during the audition..because the nature of the audition. Worth a try. I do love a camera!!! :)

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Elizabeth said...

How cool! Proud of you no matter what happens! :)