March 11, 2010

The Biggest Loser

This Sat. (March 13th) I will be auditioning for The Biggest Loser. This has been one of my favorite shows for many years, but I have never had a desire to be on it. Mostly because they make you take your shirt off & get on a scale...two of my least favorite things! However, Metro Nashville teachers recently received an e-mail saying that the Biggest Loser casting company were looking for teachers to audition for the next season of The Biggest Loser. If we wished to audition we could e-mail them & they would send us a FAST PASS to bi pass the line at the auditions. This is a wonderful gift, because I heard in an interview that a former contestant on the show waited 10 hrs in line for her audition. After talking it over with Shana, I decided that I'd give it a go. I have my FAST PASS now & auditions are just a couple days a way. I've spent the past week researching everything I could on The Biggest Loser, Casting Calls, and the past contestants from the show. I've learned a TON that I feel will help me when I go in for my audition. There is very little time to impress the casting agents, but I'll do my best to show them who I am. My friends have been so encouraging...they feel that my larger than life personality would make great TV. We shall see?!?!!? I will keep ya posted.


Jodi said...

I was in Nashville this time last year. We were just checking out the city and we ran into the line for the auditions of the Biggest Loser! We had no idea they were doing it that day. Not sure how many people made it through... but a radio station was giving out Krispy cream donuts and coke zeros for the people who didn't get in. I don't know if they were making fun of the people or what, but yeah, it was kind of cool to be there when they were doing that!

Elizabeth said...

Oh my goodness! How awesome and what an opportunity! I wish you the best of luck! :)