March 19, 2010

Welcome Spring!

The weather was absolutely beautiful today. We decided to embrace spring by venturing outdoors. Margie and I went with Marissa and Sophia to the Zoo. This was the girls first trip to the zoo. They enjoyed cruising in the sun as well as seeing a couple of animals. The first animals we saw were the giraffes. Margie thought they were a little strange at first but quickly moved past her wonderment to sheer excitement. Shortly after, we ventured over to the Meerkats who were also quite active today. Margie seemed to really enjoy watching them run around. When she pointed to the animals she said "cat" which is ironic because she calls our cat "Bob." We have no idea where she learned the word Bob seeing as we don't know anyone named Bob and we don't let Margie watch TV. Anyway, Margie loved the Meerkats. I am pretty sure if she would have gotten her hands on them we would have a new pet. We really enjoyed our day in the sun with Marissa and Sophia.

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