May 1, 2008

May is Here...The End Is Near!

No, this is not a dooms day blog. The end I am speaking of is the end of the school year!! Yes, teachers are MORE excited about summer than students!!! I personally just felt the need for summer to be here this week. A large number of my students have mentally checked out. I am finding myself repeating directions...reminding them to stay on task...redirecting behavior issues.....repeating directions(oh wait...I already said that).....more and more! I do love my job..and at this moment...I still love my job, but if it were not for summer break.....!!!!! Yes..I is conditional love. They say that the reason summer break began was because of the farmers need to have their kids home working the land, but I'd like to challenge that. I believe there is a story that was covered up.....of a school system that made the kids go year round...with breaks no longer than a week(Christmas & Easter...that's it!). No one survived....THE END. So...that was the start of summer vacation. IT HAS TO BE!!! FOR THE SAKE OF THE CHILDREN...AND THE TEACHERS!!!!!! SUMMER BREAK IS OF GOD!!!! TRUST ME!!! :o) ha ha


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Gee, Ted, too bad you aren't more passionate about summer break... and BTW, belated birthday wishes to you. Love ya, "Ma" Bell