November 21, 2008


This is the snow storm we didn't see coming!! Who would think that in Nashville,TN before Thanksgiving we would have such a terrible snow!! It's just unthinkable?!?!?!?! Oh wait...that is the wrong picture...go down a little bit!!!CAN YOU BELIEVE ALL THE SNOW WE GOT?!?!?! I've not seen this much snow in Nov. since I moved to Nashville 12 yrs ago!!! I thought all my family and friends from up north would enjoy this little picture!! As I walked out to my car this morning around 6am....this is what I found! I knew I had to get a picture(because it would be gone in an hour!). Hope you all are keeping safe & warm as winter knocks on our door!!

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sixwickerts said...

Wow! It didn't snow here :(