November 11, 2008

...blessing in disguise...

We aren't sure exactly when it happened, but....this past weekend we realized that our furnace was no longer working(with our first cold snap of the season). At first, we believed it was a minor issue. We've had some problems over the past couple years, but they were fixed with a little help from Morris(Shana's brother) or the local heating repair guy. This time we called our friend Michael(who was the master mind behind our wonderful bathroom makeover) to see if he knew of someone who could look at it. We are so thankful to have a friend like Michael. Yes, he is well connected, but he is so giving & kind(and doesn't make me feel like a dumb dumb for knowing nothing about fixin' stuff!!!)

With the weather turning cold(30 degrees Sunday night)...we could not stay at the house. So off we went to Lebanon to stay at Shana's parents. They're great & gracious to let us stay(PLUS...Shana's mom enjoyed showing us all the new items she found for the baby). However, that night I was not able to sleep. The bed made me hurt all over. Thank goodness it was only for one night. WE THOUGHT! Monday we found out that the furnace did not just have a minor problem....but that it would need to be replaced. The man that came to look at it said he thought it was about 40 yrs old....there were char marks up the side(so it has been a fire risk)...and that it was a carbon monoxide risk. Knowing I could not spend another sleepless night(and still be a good teacher, husband, friend)....I found a friend to stay with near my school. Shana has been staying with her folks(and getting mom's home cookin'). Hopefully, we'll be back in our house tomorrow!!!!

Though this was not exactly what we were hoping for....with some time to reflect on the situation.....we are extremely thankful. There has been no fire! We've not had any ill effect from carbon monoxide. We aren't juggling being new parents while trying to find a place to stay, a new furnace to buy, and a person to install it! We feel so blessed that God knows our needs, looks out for us when we don't even realize it, and loves us through our anxiety & frustration. He's a good God...yes He is!!!

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Jessica said...

Bummer you're missing out on the home cookin', but praises this will be remedied before baby arrives! *Sigh of relief*